Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I have so many thoughts running through my head right now.
I miss my husband.
I miss my friends.
I even miss the simplicity of living in Mack(say what?).
I'm eating too much bread. Seriously. It's alarming.
I have to figure out what I'm using for school next year.
Where do I buy it?
When do I buy it?
Silver Spring.
Househunting trip.
This week or next?
I'm gonna lose the house I want.
I'm not gonna want it when I see it.
Gas prices are outrageous.
Grocery prices are outrageous.
My van is paid off!
My gas gauge disappeared.
Car insurance will be lower!
My odometer disappeared.
No more car payment!
My STARS this thing guzzles gas.
I'm a crappy long distance friend.
I need to make calls.
I need time to make calls.
What will school really be like?
Will I ever see Sean?
Will I make friends with his classmates spouses?
Will we find a church?
A real church?
Why can't I sleep?
That girl at Walmart eight months ago.
Why didn't I open my mouth?
Why wasn't I obedient?
Why can't I get over it?
I love line dancing.
My baby is almost three.
Oh crap, I want another one.
Stupid thought, heck no.
I am not qualified.
March 31 is coming.
Yay, the budget is working.
I love the budget.
I hate the freaking budget.
I am addicted to coffee.
Everybody is tired of me.
My stupid food facts.
I broke my mom's lamp.
My boys want to kill each other.
Why can't I make them love each other like the Jonas Brothers?
I need to find a church in Maryland.
What's wrong with this country?
Why are people not outraged?
How many more rights can they take?
When will the Church finally take a stand?
Will it be too late?
I need to find food in Maryland.
I need to find a co-op in Maryland.
Why is time dragging?
Why is time flying?
I have no time for anything.
I have too much time!

I wish being an adult wasn't so monotonously busy. My brain is too full for this stuff.


Corey said...

i have a feeling that all those things on your list are exactly why you aren't sleeping. :)
All very legitimate concerns!
oh and so awesome that you paid off your van! we just paid off Pete's car and it feels SO good! We have one more bill and we're debt free! it's such a relief.
Take the next few weeks one moment at a time. think not for the 'morrow. The Lord has already taken care of it. :)

Aron said...

Play time at the park again soon? Maybe a smaller crowd this time so we can actually catch up? I want to hear about Maryland!