Wednesday, March 07, 2012


    a fan, exercise bungee, pinwheel, 3lb weight, remote, coaster, calculator
 a rocking chair, pillows, Buzz Lightyear jams, and a 2 year old

Completely missed the focus, but gotta love the face.

 No focus, cute face combo again...
 Showing Grandma his plane.
 Concerned/outraged that I was standing in front of his plane.
 Recipe variations: add in a brother for sweetness.
 Or tartness. This photo was an accident.
It pretty much sums up the attitude of involving a brother in our game.
I was telling him to let Feefs have a turn.
 You see who won that one, though we did have to swap out the pillows for tray table wings.
 Titus retaliated with a terrorist attack on our airplane.
 Luckily, the pilot was able to save the wing...
 and resume flying, complete with engine noises.
 Thanks for flying Faker Airlines.
Good times, good times.


Corey said...

So cute!
So who set up the plane? you, felix or titus?

samport said...

All caught up since the day I left. I love you so much!! You are an amazing woman, wife and mother! Not a day goes by that I don't second guess the decision that has kept us apart since December. Thank you for staying strong, thank you for having faith and thank you for your patience. I know that all three have been tested. I miss you all very much and am counting down the days! I love you!!

p.s. I think you look amazing! I like your knew shirt. And your pants... :)