Sunday, March 11, 2012

good reads

*Mew(As in moo+eww). Funny, right? I came up with that.

*I guess protecting animals isn't all the rage anymore? I'm not one of those activists that pushes for the murder of children who wear animal prints(like this nutjob). However, I see a correlation between people who treat animals poorly and people who treat humans poorly. When the bottom line is always the dollar, what kind of ethics do these people have when it comes to food production? Luckily, the government is now on their side, not ours.

Yet, that same gov't wants to tax us for all those drowning polar bears b/c we caused "global warming." Right. They care about the polar bears. Seems to me the bottom line is always money.

*"Food, as far as I'm concerned kills more people than all drugs on Earth combined!" "We're eating about 150lbs of sugar per year... each person. 79lbs of High Fructose Corn Syrup per year. That's about 22 teaspoons of sugar.... a day. There is nothing moderate about that!" Kris Carr -

*But I like sugar...

*SALT, who knew?

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