Friday, March 16, 2012


Spending time with my number two guy, basking in a the late afternoon sun with a good book. He's a mover. He doesn't sit still, even when reading.
His left dimple is more apparent when he's reading. Not sure if it's his dimple doing anything different or me just noticing every little thing about him when I'm quietly focused on just him. I tried a billion times to catch it with the camera. I couldn't. Just something I'll have to tuck away in my memory, should he ever outgrow his dimples.
This one truly enjoys reading. I love that! He retains what he reads, he keeps up with the storyline. He thinks ahead to try and solve the mystery on his own. I love it.

I'm going to miss this stage. I know Encyclopedia Brown will pass and something new will fill this kid's brain. For now, I'll take the little boy simplicity.
 Man, I love this kid.

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Jude said...

i cannot even tell you how much i LOVE these photos and the feefs. give him a hug for me!!!!