Saturday, March 10, 2012

on my mind

Building a pantry. A real, no kidding, should the need arise to feed my family + a few neighbors pantry.

Simplifying. A journey we've been on for a little over a year. I love the results. LOVE the results. I want to continue to cut out the excess. Financially, spiritually, eating, living.

Fernando Ortega. I Will Sing of My Redeemer.

School. I'm thinking about going year round with the kiddos. It just makes sense to keep truckin'. Obviously, we'll need a break for the move, but why stop when we've got a good thing going?

Obedience. Mine. I know what I need to do, but so many times I don't do it. Romans 7:15-20.

Adoption. When Sean is done with school. Two. I'm feeling the call. Crazy amounts of coincidences, just this week. From Africa to Korea and some places closer to home. I'm thinking there are a lot of kiddos right here that need a family. Why not us?

Connections. Old ones. New ones. Reaching out. Saying yes. Saying no. Making memories. Building bonds that will last, despite the miles.

Exodus. I'm going through it with the boys and on my own. I read a blog post by an atheist several months ago talking about how cruel the God of the O.T. was. Obviously, she hasn't read the Book. What I see, over and over and over again in the Old Testament is the overwhelming amount of patience God had with His people and with the enemies of His people. So many chances to get their act together. So many great displays of His awesome power. If anything, reading through the O.T. shows me just how magnificent God is. And the consequences of leading a lifestyle of sin with no repentance.

Mostly, though, it shows me just how wonderful the plan of salvation is. How He worked everything together in Jesus Christ. I am so very thankful that He gave sinful people a chance at redemption through laying aside our sin, turning from it and placing our faith in His Son.

I am thankful I get a chance at a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe through His son. I am thankful I get an opportunity to spend an eternity with a God who loves me enough to give me a chance. Despite my failures every single day. I get to repent and keep trying. I get redemption by simply placing my faith in the work done on the cross. Not good works. Not paying a certain amount of money or thinking the right thoughts or being a good person. But because of HIM. To God be the glory!

Bit of a tangent there. Off to prepare for springing forward. Yay for that. :)

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