Tuesday, March 06, 2012


1. I have a new love. It's a dangerous love. It's a love I should not indulge in nearly as often as I do. It's such good, good lovin', though. *sigh* Scones.

We lived in England for a time. My dad totally busted my chops about how nasty scones are. How they were actually pronounced "stones" until someone got cute. He's wrong. The scones I am in love with, thanks to a certain Davis family, are wonderful, light and fluffy.

2. After catching a news story or two on the radio today, accidentally watching a few minutes of the news with my dad and then passing back through at the beginning of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech, I wonder how there can be atheists.

3. I also wonder how on earth there can still be people who would vote for Obama. That's right, I said it.

4. A friend sent me Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I just mixed up my second batch of dough. This time, with rosemary.

5. This is how I know it's not a phase. <VIDEO> So the video is crap. Just envision Simon at the dinner table jamming his little heart out and sounding amazing while doing so. I had to stop from scone prep to take a little phone video. Unfortunately, I don't have a fancy phone that takes even half way decent video.

I don't have to ask him to practice. He squirrels himself away several times a day and just jams. He doesn't do a whole lot with his practice book, yet he manages to learn the songs he's taught. As in, he can read chords or notes or whatever the word may be when it comes to guitar, but he does more by ear. It's talent! I didn't recognize it at first(not having a single talent myself). It's not a pain to him. He loves it. And I love that he loves it. As predicted, he now knows "Ring of Fire." :)

6. House hunting is going okay. There's one house that is just perfect. It'll either work out or it won't. I have a back up list, but the one I have my heart set on is just...it's the one I want. My trip to MD is set, now I just need the house to wait on me to get there.

7. According to my Pandora Shuffle, I like Jadon Lavik and Josh Radin and Ray LaMontagne and Downhere and Brett Dennen and Jack Johnson(always). I'm not big on music, I never know who the it person is in music land. I listen to sermons and talk radio and children whining(mostly!) when in the car. I listen to Pandora when I'm blogging, project lifing or pinning recipes.

8. My heart stopped a little bit when I saw this one.

9. This guy likes the idea of flying.

10. :)

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