Monday, March 05, 2012

three years later

Simon hands out flowers because he's a stud. He doesn't know it yet, but he's the type that's going to schmooze the ladies. He's pretty chill with the dopiness of love. He tries so hard not to be obvious with his cool cat-ness. In his trying not to be obvious, he's so obvious. He loves with his whole heart & he wants love back.

Felix, well, Felix runs after the object of his love. Felix yells, "WAAAAAIT!" while sprinting to catch up. Felix arrives out of breath and hands over a flower with just a smile. His message comes across pretty clearly in that smile. His dimpled face, smirking, proud. The love radiates from him, even as he turns on his heel and bolts. Felix loves to his very core and he doesn't expect anything back.

Titus is just a turd. He plays games. He refuses affection if it isn't his idea. He's probably rebelling against all the loving he gets. Everybody wants to squish the baby. Everybody wants his kissys, especially when he's saying, "No kissys," while laughing his little head off. It just makes it all the more special when he puts his not-so-chubby little paws on my cheeks and turns my face towards his to tell me something important.

I've been doing lots of reminiscing lately. Looking back through pictures. Remembering. Wondering.

When I dropped Sean off at the airport a few weeks ago, I took my time coming home. I stopped in at a Marshalls we once lived across the street from. Charlotte is pretty non-existent in my memories. We only lived there long enough for Titus to come along. As I was stooped down, checking out something on a low shelf, noticing all the Easter decor, I was hit with a tidal wave of deja vu.
If I hadn't blogged about it back then, I probably never would've remembered. And here we are almost three years later. Crazy. I mean, seriously, Cadbury Creme Eggs? :)

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