Monday, April 02, 2012

another Tuesday

I have a lot to say, but the thought of blogging beyond a ten point list feels frivolous these days.

Hi, Amy! :) How's that for a hidden message? I'm glad to know I'm on your blog list. Good luck with everything and I hope the move is everything you're hoping for.

This lady, in all of her toenail glory, had me bawling this week. I will think of your experience with Joe next time I have a conflict regarding obedience.

For the first time ever, I did not partake in Communion when it was offered. It's kind of too long of an internal dialogue to stick in a Tuesday post, but I can sum it up with...I could not repent fast enough of the unresolved sin to feel worthy of the Lord's Supper. Maybe worthy isn't the right word, how could we ever be worthy? It was more of a feeling of making a mockery of what my Savior did for me on that cross. At that moment, in the state of sinfulness(even as I sat in the pew for pity's sake)it felt like I was doing nothing but eating a cracker and washing it down with a swallow of grape juice.

A Saturday evening spent taking pictures of teenagers was lovely insight into what little boys become. o-O The girls were educational, too, but my concern lies with boys. Yikes.

I have a few more recorded, but they are Simon originals. This is one most should recognize. He's pretty cool. :)
I spoke with the owner of the place Simon takes guitar lessons. She made the comment, "His teacher just loves him. He is so talented!" I replied, "Well, I thought so, but I didn't know if I was just a biased mama." And she assured me, "Oh no, he has a real talent." :)

I accidentally found this while uploading Simon's video. I knew I shouldn't have clicked on it. *sigh* I miss that baby love.
I am off of Facebook for real this time. I sneaked back on for a few weeks, but I'm done with it. Until I can learn to balance social media with real life, it gets the heave ho.

Peak 8 is still kicking my butt at least bi-weekly. Trying to squeeze it in a little more often, but the reality of my exercising has more to do with justifying the scones than heart health. Just being honest right there.


Anonymous said...

Sweet my own shout out!! Whoop Whoop! Thanks for coming lastnight! :)

nicole said...

go simon go! that was awesome. and reminds me (again) that i need to find a teacher for j too!