Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cabin Camping: Day 1

who: my sister's family and the four of us
what: cabin camping, no t.v., no wifi, nothing but pure imagination
when: Easter Sunday & Monday
where: Poinsett State Park, handicap cabin(the best b/c it's set apart from the rest and has an awesome ramp for the kids to scooter up&down for two solid days).
why: to build one last set of fantastic memories




 Laughing, lots of laughing.

 Playing with shutter speed.

 Eating. Nitrate free, uncured hotdogs + a few other slips...

 Does anything say camping more than flaming marshmallows?
Simon asked my sister, "My mom found organic marshmallows? Cool!"
They weren't organic. It made me laugh that he asked.
And that was day 1...Click on any picture to see them all more clearly.

1 comment:

Corey said...

Oh how fun! makes me ache even more for summer.
so glad you guys got this time together. :)
PS: Love the waterfall shots! awesome example of use of shutter speed :D