Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cabin Camping: Day 2

My morning campfire. Getting it started with damp wood made me feel quite accomplished. And also quite pathetic. It took much too long to get it roaring, even with the assistance of a lighter. Survivalist, I am not. Maybe I should take a class...
 A bike ride for the big kids.
 He's really not as naughty as he looks. Well, ok, he may be as naughty as he looks, but there is some good heart training going on in there.
 The wheelchair ramp brought days of fun. Days.
Canoe+Paddleboat = Sore adults+alligator spotting.

 See him? Look for ridges in the green. Luckily, we only found the 3-5 foot gator, not the 7-8 foot one. O-o

See him? My niece biked across a baby copperhead. Literally, ran him over. Her screaming seemed dramatic and we figured the "snake" was closer to her. We all walked right past him. I mean, within inches. She was freaking out. Understandably so.
 More playing with shutter speed.

 Watch T man's face in the next two. The kid cracks me up.

 We talked my parents into coming up for dinner.
 And bringing my nephew.


 More exceptions...

 I love these people. I love it when I get a ton of people I love all in one shot.

 Ketchup 'stache

I so loved our camping weekend, I have Sean hunting down cabins in state parks along our route. Does anybody know of cabins between Dallas & Texarkana? I really want to try a treehouse cabin. :)


Jude said...

love all these photos! what a fun memory!

jessica said...

Not gonna lie. I really wasn't able to concentrate on anything after the 'gater.

Corey said...

how did i not ever think there were gators in South Carolina??! O_o
besides that, it looks beautiful there. one day i want to take a long vacation through the southeast.