Tuesday, April 17, 2012


- Crazy how two words can change the course of the day for so many people. I suppose when the two words are "gunshot wound," it makes sense. O-o A bit more excitement than was anticipated for this day, but all is well. Praise God, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been. Everyone is alive and well and mostly whole tonight.

-Three more days til I have a local husband again. This long distance crap is...crap. I am positively giddy. Given the amount of issues he's giving in on, he must be pretty danged excited, too. :)

- I am so stinking elated about our move that I can't sleep. I just spent an hour on rockvillemd.gov. I have all kinds of crazy ideas about iceskating and signing the kids up for classes/camps at the local nature center. There's concerts in the town square! Don't even get me started on DC. I don't know how much we can pack in in one year, but I plan to do as much as we can with the time we have.

- More than the move, I'm excited to be in a house with our stuff again. Ten months without my favorite spatula is too long. I don't even remember what we have. It's going to be fun to find out.

- I'm a little bummed that my entire family is unwilling to move to MD with us. Luckily, it's closer than Texas.

- Mr. T is three. I have a whole blog post in my que, but I think I'll save it til I have pictures of his party. Or maybe I'll just skip it altogether and pretend he's still two.

- A not-so-great one I caught on his birthday. He wasn't much into picture taking on that particular morning.

- Come Home, by One Republic and Three More Days, by Ray LaMontagne are on a continuous loop in my head. :)

- I've been meaning to do a Project Life post for quite some time. I still love it and think everyone should do it in some form. I have never taken so many pictures. I have never printed so many pictures. Glad I have this collection of everyday moments and memories.

- The boys are two lessons away from the end of their school year. It feels nice. Accomplished. From this point on, it's fluff(actually, reading. LOTS of reading) and field trips(I think moving should count as a field trip or ten) to get in the days the law requires. I'm excited to get started on first and fourth grade!


Corey said...

gunshot wound??
I'm so glad you all are going to be 5 again!! YAY!
I went to DC when I was 15 and loved it. There's so much to do. Williamsberg, VA was my favorite part of the trip. It's super touristy, but that's ok by me.
Happy Birthday Titus!! I can not believe he's 3.
I love One Republic and Ray LaMontagne. You already know how I feel about his voice ♥♥ :)
Except for science and history we're on our way with 1st and 4th grade. Finished up testing today and I feel like we should be done for the summer now LOL! Although we're required to go until May 18th.:/

nicole said...

how in the world is that BABY three??
so excited for you with sean's homecoming and your move! can't wait to hear all about your new adventures in md and dc!