Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 -ings

lots of yummy concoctions in my Vitamix. A present to ourselves for moving/staying married eleven years/Mother's Day. Purchasing an appliance for an anniversary is definitely admitting oldness, but it is the end all, be all of appliances. For which, I am willing to admit such things. I can't say enough good things about it. We have used it every day, multiple times a day since it came home with us.

bread. Still loving Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

Project Life. It meets my crafty needs. Quickly & with little production.

breakfast for Sean, every morning. I'm getting in the habit now. I know we won't have a ton of time together over the next three years, so I'm establishing some one on one. It's my little way of showing him support & making sure he eats at least once a day. I feel all wifey and stuff, but dang does 5:50 come at the same time every morning?!

2 Kings

Just finished Escape and JesusLand-both were terrible for different reasons. It will never cease to amaze me how people destroy the Gospel. It sickens me the evil done in the name of God. Satan is a crafty devil and he uses religion to his benefit in some creepy ways.

Patrick Quillin's book that came with my Vitamix. This little book is FULL of so much information. I'd like to point out that I haven't yammered out a post on food in quite some time. I'm keeping all these amazing little tidbits of knowledge tucked away in my own personal knowledge arsenal. I keep re-reading sections in awe of the God who created all that we need. The makeup of whole/real/natural food is astounding. Anyways, enough about that...

to HomeGoods a lot. Still trying to establish our home. It's the little things: measuring spoons and glass containers(getting rid of as much plastic in our home as possible).

to church. I so love our church. The people are awesome and I can't wait to get more involved.

to MOMS a lot. A lot, a lot. It's a local, organic grocery store. It's so nice not to have to dig to find the good stuff. The prices are good. The location is good. The produce is GREAT. The selection, for an all organic grocery store, is amazing.

photos in RAW(&jpeg). Yep, it's worth the extra space.

Simon to lessons with the Ney Mello. I'd never heard of the guy until we started looking for a teacher. Turns out, he's some kind of musical genius. And he's inspiring my kid...sort of. We had visitors over the weekend that taught him more than he's learned at his very expensive guitar lessons. :/ That said, Mr. Mello pulled me aside last week and asked if he could add Simon to a concert list, only if he could gain approval as the participants had already been decided. Simon will be the youngest performer at the show. :D

about the future.

about the present.

about how stressed Sean is. Actually, I think I'm stressed for him. He doesn't have time to stress.

it was Fall. I can't complain that it was a high 90 degrees today, heading towards the 80s as the week progresses, but I am ready to experience a real Fall for the first time in a long, long time.
too much on groceries! Seriously, it's alarming.

one on one time with the kiddos every night. It's so great, I feel inspired to make a scrapbook page about it. I haven't made an actual page in probably...a year?

Our damage reports and claims to the movers. How fun it is to collect esitmates. How fun it is to work with gov't run websites that make you log-in every three seconds. My list of damaged goods is 14 items long. 14 very damaged, very expensive items long.

Sean bringing home a human skeleton. The kiddos were pretty enamored.

The hour or so I have to pray, read my Bible, clean the kitchen, run the dishwasher, read blogs, start laundry, check emails, drink coffee, edit pictures and possibly catch a page or two in a book between Sean leaving for school and the boys waking up. I'm an awesome multi-tasker.

my iPhone. We figured it was high time to have phones that actually communicate. We bit the bullet and went for the best. Only to find out Sprint is "updating our tower" and our service "might be sketchy" until August. Fun. I still love it, though. :) Instagram: christopherkmc

Titus's encouragement. He got up from dinner last night, handed me his empty plate and said, "Good job, Mom," as he turned to walk away. And today, while patting me on the head, "I like you, Mom."

Felix's grin. I wish his missing tooth would stay gone forever. He's just so perfect six with a hole in his smile. I can't picture him with chiclet teeth.

Simon's steady stream of music. There are times I stand outside his closed door and listen, careful not to disturb the artist at work.

to plan weekly/bi-weekly trips into the city with the boys. I know there is so much to do in D.C., I just haven't taken the time to plan anything.

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