Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10onTue::my house

I wanted to wait until the house was perfect before posting pictures, but since we live here now, it will never be perfect. Here it is, in all it's lived in glory. Still a few things missing from the walls, things out of place, mattresses on the floor. That said, the movers were only here(breaking our stuff) one week ago. This is the fastest we've ever unpacked and felt somewhat settled. I love this place.

::Right inside the front door. You can't see the giant window in this picture, but it's my favorite thing about the room. The leather chair in the corner: Sean's find at the thrift store, $8. Not sure how much we'll invest in it to fix the springs, but he is bound and determined to fix it himself. We shall see. The man hasn't failed me yet. :D
::Through the living room into the teeeeny tiny dining room. It's turning into my favorite room in the house.
::Dining Room from the Reading/Music room view.
::Not really sure what to call this room. In theory, it's my favorite room in the house. In reality, I have YET to sit upon any of the chairs and enjoy a book.
::Same room, different view. I can't WAIT for the first cold day. That woodstove is going to roar this winter. And by winter I mean anything colder than 60 degrees. This room is an add on to the original house. I can't imagine this house without it!
:: Just off the teeeeny tiny dining room is my teeeeeeeeny tiny kitchen. What can I say? I love it. LOVE IT.
::The stool and recycling bin aren't usually there. :/ I love my little ledge, don't love the blinds hanging in it.
::The homeowner also added the cabinets and counter on the left side of the picture. That corner is my favorite thing about the kitchen. With all my glass jars in it, it makes me think of a country store. :)
 ::The office/scrapbook room/sewing room/school room. The other half of the add on. Again, can't imagine the house without it! The owner used it as a potting room and when I first looked at the house, there were a bazillion plants in it.
::The last room to be finished, as usual. Our bedroom. We have a dream of finding the perfect bed for the perfect price. We almost broke down and got another IKEA bed, but I told Sean I preferred the floor to another ugly bed that the movers will surely break.
 ::A small walkin closet with a pretty awesome built in system.
 ::Simon's room is like a prison cell compared to the rest of the house. Art work for the walls is in progress. He has his guitar on a stand as his only decoration. The boy doesn't care. He's in hog heaven not having to share a room. I thought for sure he'd miss his little brother by now...
 ::The one thing I'd change if we were buying this house. The tile on the wall is pink. The sink and toilet(also pink) are HUGE. I do love the floors, though.
 ::A junky picture of another favorite room. I just love everything about T&F's room. Felix's side needs some art, but I love the simplicity of having all of their clutter in the (quite organized)basement.

I didn't get pictures of the basement. Think low light, toys, work bench, washer/dryer, extra refrigerator, BOXES, cute little bathroom. Damp, dark wood paneling, typical basement.

I also didn't get pictures of the front of the house or the backyard.

Some things you'll just have to see in person. :)

It's a pretty small house, but so much bigger than it seems. It's simple and I love that. It has so much personality. For the rest of our existence, I will compare every house to this one. I plan to enjoy every bit of it.


Corey said...

I love it! it reminds me very much of our teeny tiny little house that seems bigger than it is :) only your tiny kitchen actually looks bigger than mine, if you can believe it LOL!

Kolt and Susannah said...

Isn't it so nice to have your own place again?? I love that house, wish we could have the opportunity to take over it, but that isn't gonna work out. I hope it's a great year for you guys.

Jude said...

I love it and I can't wait to see it in person. The woodstove... jealous! The actual closet in the boys room... jealous! Love it all!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!!! The room with the yellow chair is our COFFEE room!!! We can have a fire in it when I come and it will be better than Starbucks!! Nicolas has a pillow the same as Felix and Titus' bedspreads :) I love Simon's room and yours too! So excited for you guys! All of those windows would make me happy, too! So much sunlight! Niki

Steph Guinn said...

I love the house! Especially the kitchen. White kitchens are my favorite. I bet it is soo nice to have space again.