Saturday, May 12, 2012

12on12 May

Giving me grief about taking pictures. He wanted me to lug his 4wheeler up the basement stairs. I agreed. For one picture. Then I pushed it by taking this, my second picture.
Outside, on his four wheeler. Smug little fella. *I'm attempting to shoot in RAW more. I still haven't decided if it's worth the space.

Sean's first loaf of artisan bread. I left for the grocery store and came back to crumbs. Should've thrown in two loaves.

 How cool is my homeowner that she painted an outside wall teal?
Taking advantage of our "weekend only" game play. Even that rule needs some tweaking for this one.
So THEM. Feefs engrossed(hence the need for tweaking rules) and T with his cowboy boots on the wrong feet, calling Grandma on his phone(an old mp3) and asking her to come visit. All day long he's been calling Grandma.
I so wish I'd nailed the focus on this one. He was running towards me. Another typical HIM shot with the tongue hanging out.
Why Simon isn't in many shots today. He was helping spray paint furniture.
Dinner.  Yep, the finger glasses are pretty typical around here, too.

There ya have it, 12 on 12 May.


Jude said...

ugh, i hear ya on the game/tv/phone thing. we are going back and forth and realized the none until the weekend made them want to play for hours, like a first meal after a fast. hence, we are back to 30 min a day. how are you working the time allowed on weekends?

Corey said...

I love your thrift finds! I'm trying to get more into thrifting and junk store-ing. It seems like everyone else always finds the good stuff! :)