Monday, May 14, 2012

phone calls

At some point along the way, Sean's lack of phone usage has rubbed off on me.

I don't have a fancy iphone. I honestly don't want one because of the temptation I know it will be to me. I already have to check myself too often when I ignore my kids to answer texts. Most of the time, if all five of us are together, I don't have my phone within earshot. I am that friend that takes hours, sometimes days to answer texts.

Today, I learned an important lesson. Prepare for emergencies, even if you're too far away to do anything about them. Have phone numbers handy. Most importantly: LEAVE YOU'RE PHONE ON if you don't have a house phone.

Around noon, I decided to check the weather on my phone for my parents upcoming visit. It was charging and had shut itself off at some point during the night. As the little screen came to life, five voicemails and a text popped up, "I need someone to call asap. It's Grandpa."

Sean's whispered prayer of, "please, please, please..." as he returned the call just about did me in.

Pop Pop's neighbor noticed two newspapers on his stoop as he was responding to an emergency at 4:30 this morning. Thank God for observant neighbors. Thank God for neighbors that care enough to call someone. Thank God for small towns where everybody knows everybody.

The neighbor is a co-worker of my brother in laws. My brother in law who is in no way related to Pop Pop.

The funny thing is, my sister just said last night, "I'm going to make a real effort to check in on Grandpa with you guys gone."

Little did she know that he was lying in the bathtub having had a heart attack. Not twelve hours later, my brother in law and dad were at Pop Pop's apartment having the fire dept break down the door. The details that followed are not for the blog, but I will say, I have never loved my sister's husband more than in the moment I heard what he did for Grandpa.

He and my sister stuck with him throughout the day. They were there to give Sean's family updates as his dad was making the drive from TN. They dealt with the doctors to make sure the right questions were being asked. Sean and my sister bounced the medical information that is so far over my head back and forth with a care that gives me such insight into just what kind of nurses they are.

Tonight, my sister called again from Grandpa's bedside. She gave us another update and we got to chat with him. He was cracking jokes in his usual way, lighthearted, but not altogether himself. He's not out of the woods yet, but it seems he's doing okay for a 90 year old who just had another heart attack.

Sean's dad asked that we wait to come, but we have a bag packed should the need arise.

I'm so thankful for the time we've had with him. And the time we still have with him.
I'm so thankful for the man he is in our lives. The man he was in Sean's life growing up. The man Sean becomes when he's around Grandpa.
I'm so very thankful he's not only been able to see our children, but watch them grow up. He really knows them.
I'm thankful for the way he brings our family together.

I'm thankful that it's not in God's will for him to go just yet.
I'm thankful God is giving him more time to get things settled.
I'm thankful that one of the very best nurses I know is at his side.
I'm thankful she's my sister. My God, I'm so proud of my family.
I'm thankful that God so perfectly lined up the events of the day.
As uncertain and emotional as everything still is, I see His hand in it all.

This was the day before we left for MD at Grandpa's favorite restaurant, Mellow Mushroom. "They make a good pie."-he says. He likes the California Pizza. Which is funny, b/c they don't make a California Pizza. And they take a little longer than they ought to making pizza and he always gets a little perturbed by that. Not so perturbed that he doesn't go back, but perturbed enough to get fiesty with the waitstaff. We usually ended up with the same lady as our waitress. She has five kids and her oldest just joined the Marines. Grandpa told her he could never marry her because five is too many %^&* kids. :) The tables there are blue with little glittery white pieces in the tabletop. He constantly sweeps his hand over the table thinking it's salt. And then laughs at himself for being fooled by the table every %^&* time.

Titus hugged Pop Pop's legs and wouldn't let go. I was a little worried he would knock Grandpa over.

I'm glad we got to spend some time with him over the last five months, but now it doesn't seem like we saw him enough or did enough or said enough.


Corey said...

Oh my. After years of reading your blog, I know how important pop-pop is to you and Sean and the boys. Thank GOD for your sister and BIL! I hope he's doing better today. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Jude said...

so glad they found him in time. When I tell people not to text me random stuff at 6am, they are like, "well turn off your cell phone!" and um, I can't because it is the only phone we have!!

praying for pop-pop...