Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sean, the Junkie

Once upon a time there was a man who doubted his wife's brilliance when she said, "I'm tired of the movers breaking our stuff. We should just go second hand from here on out." The wife yelped a few junk spots throughout their new city and forced the man to comply.

Thus, a junkie was born.

I had a feeling it would happen. I had no clue it would go this far. We stopped in at a Goodwill just around the corner a week or so ago. According to Yelp reviewers people come all the way from DC for this particular GW. I figured it had to be good. We left with one dining room chair, an avocado bowl, a mailbox thing for excess papers, a pair of snow boots for Felix(I don't condone used shoe buying, but these were super gently used and I have no budget for snow clothing as we've never lived north of the Mason Dixon line-aside from that one summer in Seattle), a few crocks for utensils and a couple of other miscellaneous household things.
The chips container is for poker chips. :)

More than that, we left with a man asking, "What about this? What could we do with this? It's only two dollars!"

That day, we hit another thrift shop that was gargantuan. We left that store with two side tables, a stack of books, a pyrex bowl of the same pattern my Grandma had, some addition/subtraction flash cards and some more random household stuff.

Sean has since been back to that store. Twice. Without me or my prompting. The second time he went, he came back with a leather armchair, 2 basketballs and 2 soccer balls.

Last week, I dared to buy an area rug at a non thrift store. It was still drastically reduced and what I thought was a great buy. He informed me that I would've paid a quarter of the price had I gone to the thrift store.

I explained that I prefer my rugs without blood stains or having been wrapped around a dead body. He did see my point and acknowledged the obvious perks to buying certain things new.

Today, we decided to hit up Kensington's Farmer's Market. I knew it was strategically placed along Antique Row. Funny thing is, Sean knew, too. He scoffed at many of the prices(because you can get the same stuff at the thrift store for half the price:)), but we scored big when we happened upon a big Methodist church wide yard sale. Holla.

We got the little side cabinet(the little gold feet get me every time) for $4, the bed for $10 and four solid wood doors which Sean has already fashioned into a partition for our guest quarters in the basement. Another dining room chair and an (aged, if not antique) globe. The man has become Bob, the Builder. Can we repurpose it? Yes, he can. I had no clue what a work bench would turn him in to. As I type, he is repurposing an Expedit and desk attachment into a "Sheriff's Office" for the boys. All I hear is a saw and hammer(and maybe a little ranting about what cheap crap IKEA products are).

Today's haul: $24

I'm kind of liking this monster I created. :D A coat of grey for the beds.

A coat of ivory for the dining room chairs. I need three more. I like every chair being different, but I want them all the same color.
Sean sanded down the two, gold footed wooden tables and they look brand new. I love the mix of old and new. As an added bonus, next time our movers drop something right in front of us(yep, it happened), we can rejoice at the added character.


Sarmiento Family said...

LOVE the grey bed!

Jude said...

i can't wait to go thrifting with you! GREAT finds :)

Anonymous said...

Have you introduced Sean to the world of Pinterest? Niki