Friday, May 25, 2012

Sean's purse

A few days ago, the boys and I went on the hunt for the perfect lunchbox for Sean. I thought it would be simple, even though the school year is over. Just a simple, insulated bag for food. We're simple people. We don't spend money on things like lunch out. Especially not school or hospital food. It's notoriously terrible for you, terrible tasting and expensive.

I thought about starting the hunt at the Container Store, but figured I'd find the same thing, cheaper, at HomeGoods. This particular HomeGoods has an entire aisle dedicated to lunchboxes, bags and coolers. A whole aisle! An aisle of brightly colored, mostly feminine lunch bags. They had pink with polka dots(my personal favorite); a lovely, multi colored, neon chevron print(more of a shoulder bag than lunch box; a utilitarian, canvas type that came in several colors. Bingo.

I dug through the many shades and settled upon a solid BLUE.
(Titus in a manly blue shirt.)
Blue is good. Blue is manly. Blue passed the boy check of, "Would Daddy like this?" I got two blank stares and one, "I guess." Score.

The bag came home with me for a mere $10.

Sean took one look and said, "Is that mine?" with eyebrows raised. He insists it's more purple than blue. It's not. It's blue. Straight up, blue.

As I was packing it this morning for the first time, I commented on the amount of insulating. "It's sure to keep things chilled." I did notice(but didn't comment on) the upward tapering of the bag, much like a purse. I previously noticed (but didn't think it would be that big of a deal) the length of the straps. They aren't the length of your average lunch box. They're more...purse length. Y'know, I was being thoughtful when purchasing a bag that he could shoulder should his hands be laden down with school material.

The time came. He packed his bookbag, got his laptop bag and there sat the little, blue lunch box with it's bag buddies. The man sacrificed two text books, not even knowing if he would need them, to fit the lunchbox inside the bookbag so not to have to carry it. Elementary, at best!

He didn't take the time to eat the lunch I so lovingly packed him this morn. He pulled it out upon arriving home.

"You get that purse, Daddy?"-Titus asked.

And that's how I became the owner a of slightly used, BLUE lunch bag.


Jude said...

the whole time micah was a cop he used a mini cooler. an actual COOLER because the lunch "bags" were too girly. I gave up. Maybe if you find him a camo one??!?! ;)

Corey said...

laughing at what Jude said because Pete is a cooler guy too! But I can't imagine waling around a hospital with a book bag and a cooler LOL!
PS LOVE that pic of T. And I still can not get over how much he looks like Felix. Sometimes I have to do a double take :)

Kimberly White said...

hee hee!! Great story my friend! And man Titus is getting big!

nikih said...

Rolling on the floor!! Niki