Thursday, May 10, 2012

Simon jams

I've had requests to post some more Simon guitar videos. I'm kind of proud and had to edit my squealing out so as not to embarrass the lad. We're on the cusp of making a pretty hefty financial decision benefitting this kid and his talent. He's worth it, no?
With the move came his dad's acoustic electric & amplifier. This time last year his hands couldn't play a full size guitar. I hope the neighbors enjoy the amplified playing coming from our abode all day, every day.
These are Simon originals. I'll have to record the piano version Sean plays alongside. Quite the impressive duo. Enjoy!


Corey said...

both my kids just stopped what they were doing and said "DANG. he is good!"
Jake said: He's going to be famous.
Megan said: He's awesome.
And I have to agree :)

Anonymous said...

Simon~You are awesome!! Love you! A. Niki