Saturday, May 12, 2012

T is three/12on12 April

I was fixing to post my 12on12 for May and realized I never posted April(T's b-day). I had this whole birthday post in the drafts and figured I'd get 'er up there. What a difference a month makes!

Photo credits:Chris & Lindsay Rodenkirchen.

He misses this kid! I do, too. :(

He misses this kid! I do, too.
-The first person to know about Titus asked, "Does having a three year old make you another one?" :)

-I don't plan great birthday parties. It's just not something I'm good at. I ignore things like hotdog buns for the (nitritrate/nitrite free, uncured) hotdogs. I offer only water. For me, party food follows the same rules as real life rules, I suppose.

-As undecorated, disorganized and thrown together as my parties are, they always churn out great memories, good times and happy birthday boys. And that's all that matters, really.

-Titus sang happy birthday along with us. I didn't even know he knew the words. It was pretty stinking adorable and I wish I'd had my video camera.

-We had the party surrounded by real airplanes. Could there be anything more appropriate for a three year old? A big open field between two hangars, at sunset, with a fire pit for hotdog roasting.

-In the midst of present opening, Felix disappeared. I didn't even realize he'd left until he came riding up on his bike with a small bag in his hand. He'd run home to get a present for his little brother. The tiny gift bag contained a small, bouncy ball and a dollar bill.
Look at the Feef's pride. :) Love that boy!

-Titus was very enthusiastic about every single gift he received.

-This was the first birthday party ever that I didn't even touch my camera.

-I had to laugh when my dad made a run mid-party for real hotdogs, buns and chips. I believe he brought back soda, too. He walked up, arms laden with bags and asked, "Who wants to get cancer with me?" over the campfire. See? All these months of living here have influenced him enough to know hotdogs are carcinogenic. Not enough to stop eating them, but joking is a sign of understanding, I'm told. :D

-I'm so glad we got one more night with some of our very favorite people. Titus(and the rest of us) loves you all very much.

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