Wednesday, May 09, 2012


# my backyard being full of so many varieties of plants. It's unbelievable. After being in Texas where everything is scorched by 100 degree days and then South Carolina where everything is hydrangeas and pine trees, the plants and GREEN here just make me stop and give thanks to the Creator of such beauty.

side note:I had the thought while driving through the mountains of Tennessee, "If this is the beauty of a fallen creation, what must it have looked like before?!"

# smelling my backyard that is wafting in via the breeze through...


#70 degree highs in May. MAY, I tell you!

#not knowing if we should put our "winter" clothes in the basement or keep them handy.

#having a basement!!

#telling the kids, "put it in the basement." pertaining to all things kid related.

#having gracious hosts upon arrival to MD. Thanks, Severns!

#finding a church Sunday 1. We have neverevereverever been to a church that so closely matched what they portrayed on their website, nor have we ever found a church so quickly. Thank you, GOD!

#Sean getting to meet the pastor.

#being told "Our church is no frills. We depend on God to fill the seats. We preach the Gospel and nothing else." SAY WHAT?! There was no Welcoming Committee tackling us at the door. There was no bribery to come back. There was no mood lighting or even altar calls. Just straight up Truth and we could not be more excited.

#weeping in church. Being completely broken. It may not seem awesome to some, but to those who get it...

#our house. I can not say enough about this house. I am so completely in love with this house that the thought of leaving in one short year makes me so sad.

#our neighborhood. It's close to everything. It takes forever to get there, but it's close nonetheless.

#our neighbors! They are all so very friendly. Unfortunately, our immediate neighbors just put their house up for sale. It has crossed my mind to go on zillow and make comments(like: "They have badgers crawling from their basement. I've seen it!")so they can't sell their house, thus remaining our neighbors, but that seems a tad unkind.

#Felix reading Moby Dick. It's a recent event and something I thought ought be celebrated considering he's technically a Kindergartner. Seriously, Moby Dick?! I haven't even read it.

#Finding out we're close enough to USHUS that Sean can ride his bike to school.

#NOT AWESOME, the traffic. Sean has been honked at so many times it's not even funny. Yesterday, we got the finger from a Honda Fit. The type of car doesn't really matter other than that it's more insulting to get the finger from a car that can fit in our glove compartment than say a Hummer or sports car.

#finding out a friend I've known since childhood lives 30 minutes away.
#having several airports to choose from for all of the house guests we hope to have. HINT HINT

There's so much more, but if I keep adding to this post, I'll never get it on the blog.


#s of things that were awesome pre-Maryland.

#Flying w/o kids. I had forgotten until a little one a few seats up started shrieking and remained in the state of shriek from Charlotte to San Antonio.

#An entire week with just Sean. It goes down in the books as one of the greatest weeks/trips of our marriage. To have uninterrupted conversation, dinners out at fancy restaurants, driving in the car void of circus sounds coming from the back seat. The list goes on, but I must say, not having kids along made Sean super adventurous and willing to stop anywhere I asked along the way.

Again, there's more, but I'll continue to expound in posts to come. I have pictures to dig through and a minute to do it!!


Corey said...

I'm so happy you're home and there's so many #thingsthatareawesome!

Jude said...

I LOVE this list!! SO happy for you guys! Now... when can we come visit :) I can't wait to see you!!!

kimrairdon said...

I Love this list too!!! I am so excited and happy for you guys. I am thrilled you guys found a church family so quickly and look forward to talking to you about it! But this post post made me cry...."super excited and happy for you guys cry" and then an "dang, you are so far away from us now cry" Its been forever since I have read any blogs but I am having fun going through yours now :)

Sarmiento Family said...

Yay for awesome things!! I'm quite jealous of open windows! :)