Tuesday, June 05, 2012


1In an effort to convince Simon that he needed a haircut(vs me just being a nagging mom), I put his hair in a pigtail mohawk type thing the other night before bed. He thought it was hilarious. Sean told him to walk casually into the Felix & Titus's room and see what they said. My Felix, ever unsurprised, did not react. Simon, barely controlling his laughter, "Do you notice anything?" Felix, the Chill, "Yeah. You're not wearing a shirt and you're a lady." What of it? His nonchalance makes me smile.

2School is everything I imagined it would be and hoped it wouldn't be. I saw Sean for a grand total of two hours last week. That's not entirely true. I saw him every morning for the thirty minutes it takes him to eat breakfast and get ready. It's my favorite thirty minutes of every day. I'm just glad we're in the same city, honestly. He's here, he's safe, he's being challenged(which makes him a better person all around), he's totally in his element. He's got a great friend and study partner that is freakishly similar. Luckily, that friend comes with a wife and children whom we all adore. This is good for him. Good for us.

3Houseguests coming this weekend!! I can't wait.

4They're coming for Simon's first concert. I am going to be a blubbering fool. I can already feel it coming. I get teary eyed at the thought of him playing in front of a crowd. His guitar teacher told me yesterday, "He's amazing. I see good things coming for him." I just nod my head and smile.

5We are so thankful to have found our church. Five weeks in and it's still legit. It's the first church I've ever wanted to join on principle. It's like not realizing how thirsty you are until you take a sip of water. We are learning theology! He's not preaching on how to balance your checkbook or manage your time or series on your best life now. He is teaching from (gasp) the Bible. It is so refreshing not to hear jokes or advice for 55 minutes and Gospel for 5. He's funny, don't get me wrong, but he's serious. I had no idea what we were missing. Actually, I did know, but I couldn't find it. I'm thankful we found this church week one. There was no searching and visiting and disappointment and time wasted. It was a real lesson, for me, on the power of prayer. I prayed for the five months I was in SC to find a church here and we did.

6Yesterday was a high of 72 degrees. Just thought I'd throw that out there for all my Texas & South Carolina friends. :D Need I remind you...it's June? Guest quarters available, always.

7The boys and I took our first trip in to DC with a friend on Saturday. Good times, great weather, tired kids. Next time, we will go with a destination in mind. We wandered a bit off course. I made the statement, "If we hear gunshots, we know we've gone too far." Yeah. It was a nervous kind of funny as we shuffled our five children along. Once we got back on track, things were great.

8Things here are grossly expensive. I thought maybe it was just the way we eat and food is expensive. It's more than that, though. Babysitters here(we've been told) go for an avg of $14-15/hour. THAT makes for an expensive date. Not that time even allows, but if the opportunity ever presented itself. We called a landscaper to trim the hedges back to manageable...$150. We have a postage stamp sized yard, it's NOT $150 worth of hedge trimming. Especially when it's not my house.

9I am almost done with our moving claim. The movers count on people giving up the fight and just living with a bunch of broken stuff. Nope. I've filed the damage report, I've filed the claim, now I'm just waiting on the movers to counter. I can live with a dented refrigerator. I can live with a busted up dresser. But when you mess with my antiques, plan on a good fight. They did some major damage to my mid century modern Dutch teak cabinet. It's my favorite piece of furniture. They clobbered some other, replaceable stuff, but it's the antiques that you just can't find duplicates.

10. Some random Instagram pictures from this week:
The boys first trip to the Capital. They had more fun in the field(playing tag, collecting branches, watching squirrels) by the Capital.
After our day downtown, we came home at 5 to Sean studying. He had a date at the library at 6:30. I packed a picnic as fast as I could and we went to our favorite place. The house on the hill is an old Post Office, now restaurant. It looks just like the house in UP. You can make out the train tracks in front of it, too. The path to the side is another source of entertainment for us: people watching/scooter racing. Free entertainment. As we are to the restaurant patrons with our antics, too.

I realize this is an incredibly long post, but it took me hours to write. I lose track of content as I type in spurts between lego building, cleaning, kid wrangling, airhogs charging/recharging/finding fresh batteries/consoling T when it still doesn't work, etcetcetc...


Jude said...

1. I have to talk Lincoln OUT of wanting his hair so short. He has a military buzz right now. (for that mud run, he wanted to look like a marine!)But I cannot wait to hear Felix and Em... must record!
2. Study buddy - YEah! Nice family - double yeah!
3. We are coming SOON. :)
4. I know I probably don't have to say this, but... PHOTOS please!
5. So happy for you guys!
6. jealous. although I have my windows open today, this has been the BEST spring/summer ever!
7. how fun, so jealous!
8. i think you should start babysitting! holy hannah!!
9. I would be on the bitter bus for a LONG time over broken antiques! :(
10. SO happy you are on IG now :)

Dr. L said...

So glad glad glad you're loving Maryland and your house and that you have a cute kitchen and your boys have bedrooms and that YOU FOUND A CHURCH HOME!! and that Sean is in school. I love the availability of fresh food up here. DC is a great place for all the things to do. The cost of living? Not so much fun. I'm about 2.5 hrs from you... Maybe we could have that coffee date after all? Or maybe I can come down for church one Sunday? I'm starved for friends up here (even tho I love PA). Oh! And you're not far from Amish country too now! Love you.... So happy for you. And I'm still reading!