Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

is kind of a given around here. Every day that we get to spend with him is a special day. On Father's Day itself, we were all in a bit of a funk. I was being snappy, he was responding, people were getting snarled at...sometimes that just happens in real life.

As a matter of fact, as peaceful and relaxed as they look in these pictures, the photographer was not fooled.

I knew I only had 2.3 minutes to get the job done and I am so stinking happy with what I got. It's the first time I've picked up my real camera since the iPhone landed in our household. Convenience vs. performance...I'll take convenience most of the time. That said, iPhone pictures just don't look so snazzy in print.

The day is coming when our household goods damage claim is finalized(meaning, money in our pocket) and I plan to adorn my walls with family photos! I'm thinking big, I'm thinking canvas or metal prints, I'm thinking LOTS OF THEM.

Also, shooting in RAW has changed my life. Er, at least the photography portions. I haven't had to touch any eyes since making the switch. SO much sharper. I had no idea how much was lost by shooting in jpeg. I'll never go back. It is worth the extra space and time.

Blogger is uploading these a little more saturated than I like. The green is astounding and that's after I desaturated it a ton. Note to self: don't shoot in front of a tomato plant!

How is it that men get hotter with age? They get distinguished and we get facial hair? Their wrinkles add charm, we lose elasticity in all the places I deem important!

My 2.3 minutes ran out before I could make the other two heed my threats of, "Get your shoes on and get out here or else...!" But...I made the statement, "I have pictures taken recently of you with the other two." The man clung to that and called it quits on the photoshoot with promises to entertain me again soon. What can I say? Studying wins every time. :)


Corey said...

Love them! I don't think the green is too green at all. It looks vibrant.
I am going to start shooting in RAW soon. I don't know why it is intimidating me so much?? I did start setting my custom white balance EVERY TIME and that is what has really changed my life! ;-] It's made my editing 100 times easier.

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