Thursday, June 07, 2012

& I quote

Titus, entering the kitchen, "I like you, Mom."
"I like you."
"I wan-hold you, Mom."-he insists, holding up his arms.
"I can't, Bud, trying to get dinner ready."
"Oh," only half listening while trying to shimmy up my leg, "What is it?" he asks, having conned me into crouching down to hug him in all of his cuteness.
"Pasta!" I exclaim, thinking he'll be excited, realizing too late he's already perched himself atop my legs, squashing me in my squatted position.
Grabbing my cheeks in his hands(this is serious), making his eyes bigger so he knows he has my attention, throwing me slightly off balance, "PA-CARN."

Unfortunately, the pasta was already made. Popcorn was not to be had for dinner. I wanted to document the "I like you, Mom." thing as he's been saying it a lot lately. It makes me stop and smile every time. To me, it's almost sweeter than if he said he loves me. Love is a given in most families. Sometimes LIKE isn't. He's my only kid that calls me mom. I'm still mommy to the others. I'm okay with that. :)

Given that one statement in Felix's prayer last night was simply, "Mom yelling," it doesn't take a shrink to figure out why my kids use a go-to line to get me smiley. Let me explain...he did clarify after the prayer that I sometimes have to yell to get their attention. Yes! Exactly! Glad to know they get it, deep down. For further explanation, I caught one of my children trying to climb the bathroom wall via the tile towel bar. I not so calmly explained what it means to rent, how much it would cost to replace and that there is no such tile in existence as the 70s pink Navajo print should he rip down the tile board it is currently attached to.

That middle kiddo of mine has been a real gem lately(other than the above wall climbing episode). We started chore charts a few weeks ago and he is so eager to get his chores checked off. I don't think he's had a perfect score yet, but he does get extra points for trying. In his defense, there is an "Obedience" column and a "No fighting with brothers" column. Like a good professor, I may have to throw those two columns out as the whole class has been missing them consistently.

Felix has been an example to his older brother that reading can be fun. I have been doling out reading assignments at least twice a day. Simon always sees it as punishment. Parenting FAIL, for sure, but at the same time, he has a stack of eight books on his bedside table he's currently engrossed(albeit, begrudgingly) in. Felix goes to bed reading and today, he woke up and chilled for a bit to read a few more chapters of Lemony Snicket. As an aside, his reading skills are making it difficult to pick out a curriculum. The one I've decided on has a heavy phonics load, as first grade should, but he's so far beyond that. He reads books that Simon deems "too long."

Not to leave my big kid out, he hopped out of bed tonight to bring me a letter. He hates reading, but he loves to write. Especially letters. It's kinda funny to see his writing style mirror my own-if you can call endless run on sentences about topics that would make Rain Man lose track a style, that is. My favorite line of honesty in his long letter, "I'm just so grateful that you're my mommy. And sometimes whatever, I whine for something and you say no the first time and then you come back and give in to me when you don't have to..." Aha. Little boy thinks he's got his mama figured out.
Boyfriend finally got a haircut. He hated it until he saw one of his friends recently(who happens to be of the female persuasion), "Hey, I notice something different about you," she said. "I like your haircut." Something tells me, he'll be a smidge more concerned about his hair from here on out. Maybe I'll talk with her. Hint around that she should mention to my boy how much she likes obedience, appreciates respect, and giggles with glee over matching attire.


Anonymous said...

Miss you all! And, I'm digging the stainless bowl.
Awesome "T", Titus!

Corey said...

I can't get over Felix reading Lemony Snicket. That is awesome. Jake loves to read and hates to write. Megan likes both.
Simon always looks so serious when playing the guitar. I love it. Are you going to record his concert? I'd love to see it, as would my kids :)

jessica said...

This week E's bedtime prayer included sweetly '...and help mommy!' -- afterwards I told her that was very nice of her and against my better judgement asked what type of help were you thinking.. ?

"Not to scream."

Love and miss ya'll! I'm with Corey, record it! So inspiring, L would LOVE to see it!