Friday, June 01, 2012

in 3 short years

You've worked at (what we've been told is) the worst duty station, AF wide.
You've deployed.
You've pinned on Captain.
You've filled out that uniform with non-Air Force posture(i.e. you've lost a ton of weight!).
You've started Grad school.

I've made some lifelong friends thanks to the military.
I've raised three kids alone for large chunks of time.
I've wept with pride.
I've learned how to iron, for real.
I've become a Texan and fallen in love with Maryland.

They've grown, holy cow, they've grown.
They've matured & endured.
They've learned more acronyms than I ever thought possible(this goes for all of us).
They've remembered certain promises I wish you'd never made(a dog? really?!).
They've become my best friends in the whole wide world(they were pre-military, too, but in a different, under-appreciated kind of way).

3 down, 17 to go!

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