Friday, June 15, 2012


*A continuous tract heard lately: " ___________ is not a finger food!"
-Salad dressing

*After a family dinner with continued interruptions, Felix calmly stood by while Sean finished a story. He ever so calmly says, "Titus just peed in the trashcan." What is a parent to do? It's tough having kids that do really funny things with little production. Titus entered the scene as if everything taking place was perfectly normal. As if people urinate in cute, little, metal trashcans with cute, little pedals that pop up the cute, little lid all the time.

The interruptions in husband/wife conversation has reached a ridiculous level. Sean and I, literally, can not get two words out without a child intervening with a tale that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. I think it is largely because 95% of our meals nowadays consist of me and them. They have forgotten how to conduct themselves when another adult/Sean is present. They are used to an audience of one, with them never having to play second fiddle.

*I can't believe we've already been here a month and a half. How is June halfway over?! I'm fighting my homebody tendencies and really focusing on a list of things to do. There is SO MUCH to do here. When we leave this place, I want to feel like we saw as much as we could. I doubt we'll ever be here again. I found out yesterday that this is one of the top three most expensive cities in the country. I knew it was expensive, I didn't know it was that expensive. Pricier than Orange County? Pricier than NYC? Craziness. It makes me feel a little better about our consistently blown grocery budget.

*Sean has had three tests, two presentations and scored highly on all. He is busting his tail and I'm so glad for him that his grades are reflecting it. The stress level has not decreased at all, but he's handling it like a champ. He's calm, but busy. Focused, but balancing okay. It's tough to squeeze in family time, but the time we do get with him is quality time. He's lost weight, he's lost a LOT of sleep, but he's excited about the process.

*We started the process to join our church yesterday. I've never joined a church as an adult. I've never had the desire to. We had the opportunity to sit and talk with one of the pastors on staff. I neverevereverever want to forget Sean's response when the pastor asked, "What is the Gospel?" To be married to a man that responds as he did, with tears, is more of a blessing that I ever would've even thought to ask for. I am so thankful.

*Mr. Simon is sleeping in today! The rest of us are ready to go. On the agenda for today, having recently watched Night at the Museum, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. As a girl, this place could not seem less appealing. As the daughter of my father and the mother of my boys, I'm actually somewhat eager to go. If nothing else, I should be able to take a lot of pictures. :) I'm excited to see their excitement. They have no idea what they're in for.

On that note, I am off to wake a kid up; something I tend to avoid at all cost! We have a museum to conquer and groceries to buy all before rush hour!

*Random photos from our last adventure, blueberry picking. We ended up with five pounds(for only $11!) and a new favorite picture of my little loves:

Land that I Love, by Simon :)

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Thomas took a leak in Claudia's little tin Princess trash can. All I could do was laugh! It went out with the household trash the following day.