Wednesday, July 11, 2012


SO wish I'd nailed the focus on this one. I love it anyways. :)

I unknowingly picked out red shirts for F&T that were the exact same color as the barn. :/

Butler's Orchard has quickly become one of our favorite places here. There is tons of space to run and play and the fresh fruit can't be beat.

We like to picnic there and make a day out of picking whatever fruit happens to be in season. Last week, we went to replenish the blueberries that the storm stole from us. Luckily, we only had one jar left in the freezer. Realizing how quickly we go through berries, I decided to make this trip really worth it. We came home with almost twenty pounds. The kids were only good for picking 4.5 pounds, so the rest came from Jersey. The reason the kids weren't happy pickers this was over 100 degrees before 10:00.

Recounting the story to my dad, he said this will be the one they'll tell with, "Remember the time mom almost tried to kill us by making us pick blueberries? Stop making memories!"



Corey said...

i love that the sandwiches are wrapped in wax paper. :) looks like a fun place! I wanna go too!

Jude said...

still sad we didn't get to go there! what a mean joke if we went to our patch and they were like "Holy Hannah, even when we travel she makes us go pick blueberries!" ;)

Steph Guinn said...

How fun. I really love that first pic of T. It is beautiful!

kimrairdon said...

I so want to come up there!!!! I took the kids to pick peaches when it was 102 out and I was pregnant with Emmi....they still haven't forgiven me....

What are your sandwiches wrapped in? Did I miss a blog post?