Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For the future...

I'm working on turning the last three years of blog posts into a book(via Blurb) and the walk down memory lane has been so fun. I miss the random, every day posts about nothing in particular but the beautiful monotony of life. I keep meaning to get back into the habit of posting on a semi-regular basis but kids wake up early and I'm too tired to do anything that requires brain function by about 8:30 every night.

I'm trying to pack in memory making with the knuckleheads before our summer is gone. My goal was to have these guys back in learning mode by June 1. That got shoved back to July 1 and here we are catapulting towards August and I have yet to purchase a curriculum. That said, I'm taking this extra time to soak up all that MD has to offer.

A week and a half ago, MD offered us a duratio. I had never heard of such weather until a tree almost went through the back of our house and our power was gone for six days. The tree is still there, brown and gross. Our neighbor informed me today that once it(the tree) crosses the fence line it's "no longer his problem." My landlord informed me that she isn't going to pay her $500 insurance deductible. Considering she lost a part of her fence, the stairs to her deck and a Japanese Maple, I think it would've been worth the claim. All 73 years of her came over today to pull branches to the front yard for the city trucks coming through.

It kinda got my feathers ruffled that this tree has become my, the renters, problem. I couldn't just sit whilst the old lady gathered twigs and snapped branches. The oldest boy and I are covered in mosquito bites, but I saw a hint of his awesomeness as I said, "Simon, it's time for us to go now(after about 90 minutes of branch hauling on our part)." His response, "But we can't just leave her here to do all the work." That's my boy. It makes me sad that our homeowners grandson(who is almost my age, I might add) didn't follow through and come help her, but my nine year old did.

All in all, the power outage and intense week of heat gave us some good time together as a family. The storm hit the night some of our best friends came from out of town, but we still had fun. Despite the trip being cut short, it was a good reminder to make time for the people in our lives that matter. I must take more roadtrips!

Saturday morning, not realizing how bad the storm had been, we headed out as usual to get some breakfast with our visitors. :) The power outage was a bit beyond our neighborhood. Several hundred thousand houses beyond our neighborhood + hundreds of stoplights + businesses. After making a mad dash for gas (during which my friend verbally smacked down a selfish Porche driver :D), and a few bags of ice, we headed back for a few rounds of Twister.

Not long after, the 85 degree indoor temperature made it clear the power outage was more than a simple one. Mr. T was not happy to see them go. His expression is pretty much how we all felt.

I can't get a good perspective on just how big the tree is on screen. It was a magnificent tree, at least 100 feet tall. The maaaaaaaaaaaany branches are scattered all over our yard, some stabbing into the ground almost a foot. The sucker fell fast and hard and I'm so thankful none of us were hurt. Especially since we were all huddled at the window watching the storm. Smart!


Corey said...

I still can't get over this tree thing. And the neighbor. It's very un-neighborly to just leave your tree mess in someone elses yard. I mean, I see his point, I guess...but that's just a technicality. Anyway, I'm sorry you, Simon and the old lady had to clean it up.
And I'm sorry y'all had to cut your visit short with Jude and the Wild Boys. :(

Jude said...

so that nice neighbor who said he was just waiting on the insurance and would be out there with a chainsaw "that afternoon" never did anything? Whaaaaaat?!?! Sad the trip was cut short,and it was SO weird driving down the 495 full of debris!