Monday, July 16, 2012


It's about to get crazy around here.

Sean has one more week of school before finals. O-o

The boys and I are headed for a friends at the end of the week and then on to S.C. to see my little niece star in her first play, Annie Jr. There will be birthday celebrations for the oldest nephew and a trip or two to the ocean in there. Once we're back home, it's vacation planning all around! The first few days of August will consist of a family camping trip. My mom is coming to relieve us of our parenting duties for a day or two the second week of August. My sister and her family are coming up the first half of the third week of August. We're headed back to S.C. the end of the third week to see Sean's family.

At the end of all starts for us and Sean begins his second semester with six additional credit hours. Craziness. Good craziness, but craziness.

This past weekend, we met my parents in Richmond. It's supposed to be a two hour drive. Six hours later, we pulled in to the hotel, grumbling about traffic. That chatter quickly subsided when Sean asked, "Where's the suitcase?" Haaa. He blamed me, I blamed him and a few days later it's all very hilarious.

A few pictures:

One of the main highlight of Richmond was supposed to be Antiques in Manchester. Um, well, I'll just say their website has some creative cropping done to the pictures. It was a few nice pieces mixed in with a good bit of overpriced junk. I hate to say that because I really wanted to love it. I mean, an antique market that proudly displays mid-century modern finds?!

My dad made the comment that mid-century modern was known in his day as "dorm furniture."

Yes, I will now look for the distinction of labels, countries of origin and such. The people at AIM were all very informed and willing to chat, which was nice. Due to such chatter, we realize we have a few GEMS in our "collection."

I passed my mom the camera for a family photo op. When she said, "I didn't see any red dots," I should've switched to a broader focal point. I do love this perfectly imperfect family photo, though. :) Thanks, Ma!

After antiquing & swimming through a downpour, we hit a cute, local restaurant called, Urban Farmhouse. Upon arrival, it seemed no one was going to give up their table. As coffee shop patrons are wont to do, they avoided eye contact with the dripping wet mama and her lil chicks and continued with their seat hogging, internet browsing. I went in hunt of more food after laser beaming several customers and giving up. The two closest restaurants were closed. At 12:45 p.m. on a Saturday. Huh.

Fortunately, my mama does not give up so easily as her daughter. She saw someone shift in their seat as we were discussing our options and pounced. Urban Farmhouse worked out! Before long, we were settled into a scrumptious meal of Virginia Ham Cubanos & Clam Chowder. Not gonna lie, it was the best chowder I've had since Seattle. That's saying a lot. Plus, I know it was all homemade using fresh, local ingredients. As far as the labels I've read, Ivars in Seattle has a looooot of preservatives and junk added to their "homemade" chowder.

Yummy food, fun atmosphere. Somewhere I will remember should I ever talk Sean into a trip to Richmond again.

After lunch, Sean and the boys ran to get the car from the parking garage. Apparently, they decided to play spies on the way back to the car. Sean's idea, not joking. In response to my <blink blink> over Simon's mud covered clothing, he explained that he had to hoist Simon from level four to level five of the parking garage as part of the game. Did I already mention we forgot our suitcase at home and we only had one outfit? Nice.

Mud covered, we headed for another antique store. This one was more of an old, overpriced warehouse than store. A fun place to go if you're remodeling a home or have gobs of money to spend. Think $150 for a doorknob that doesn't even come with a key.

 Super fun place to take pictures, not such a practical place to shop.

 After that, it was back to the hotel...
Our plan was to go for ice cream and then bid our good-byes. Thanks to Yelp, we found the perfect spot. Missing the exit and taking an extra eight miles to get there just made us yearn for the sweet bliss to come. Imagine the let down of pulling up and seeing a FOR LEASE sign in the window of the awesome looking ice cream parlor. :)

A fun overnighter with Grandma and Grandpa, despite the series of hiccups with construction zones and forgotten suitcases.


Corey said...

I laughed so hard about the missing the suitcase. That is SO something I would do. And something Pete would hang over my head for the rest of my life, funny or not!
Love love love the pic of the boys looking out the window!

Jude said...

you forgot the suticase. holy hannah, i was laughing ,and i know i shouldn't be... :) Did you sing "I will survive?" or head to the nearest old navy?

kimrairdon said...

Ha Ha! But you brought the can do without clothes. Actually I kept waiting to get to the part of your blog where you showed everyone in their awesome clothing you found in an antique store :) Looks like a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of your parents with boys! Also the 3 looking out the window! Hope you're doing fine!!!
Pam Gaddy