Thursday, July 12, 2012

School, so far

I haven't blogged much about school or the awesomeness that is my husband lately.

I am so excited that the summer session is almost done! I can't get over how quickly it's moving. Sean has been studying non-stop for the last eight weeks, but it's paying off in his grades. Plus, we seem to really appreciate the time he is here. In the pursuit of reality, I can admit there are times I've asked, "Why are you here? I was ensured I'd never see you." I think I've only said that once...or twice, and mostly in jest.
Every time I look at this, I think,
"Get your elbows(pelvis!) off the table!"

He gets a three week break next month that we(the spouses) were told is "all theirs." Unfortunately, they(the students) were told not to lose focus, whatever that means. That said, I asked my mom if she'd be willing to come for a few days to enjoy her grandchildren. I didn't word it exactly like that, but the message was conveyed that it is entirely necessary for me to get a break from my children for at least a day.

I'm googling and yelping and asking for advice on getaways within an hour or two drive. I would love to take the plunge and head for NYC but the thought of discovering a city that big when it's hot...nah. I think we'll aim for Amish country or somewhere with cooler temps.

Mr. Man kept the boys up late last night discussing the brain and all of it's ins and outs. He came up with this diagram/model that explains certain intricacies of the brain(the levels of the brain; cerebral spinal fluid compartment levels; the origin, exit, functional classification, and embryonic origin of all cranial be exact) that brought it down to a level that Simon and Felix can understand.

<blink, blink & cricket chirps>

His professor, who has been teaching all over the world for the last thirty years, said he plans to adopt it and teach it Sean's way from now on, calling it "Amport's Rule." o-O I proposed sending it to textbook companies in the hopes of striking it rich. We shall see.

Pretty awesome, but it's getting tougher to hang with the conversations in this house. Between his cerebral talk and Simon's music theory, I hang out with Felix and Titus a lot. Lord help me, they'll all be smarter than me soon enough. It reminds me of the Friends episode where Joey picks a topic out of the encyclopedia and tries to steer the conversation that way so he has something to add. Remember that one?

See?! My level of academia has only reached that of FRIENDS EPISODES!

*Sean texted as I was typing this and said, "Dr. B keeps referring to Amport's Rule in class. It is surreal." :)

I stand in awe of that man's intelligence.

If he's home, he's studying or sleeping...

A rare day together. :)

Mr. T & Daddy. Checking for tree monsters.
I think I already posted this one here somewhere.
Either way, happy memory.


Dr. L said...

Okay. I seriously NEED to come see you SOON! :-) And this Fall if you want to conquer NYC or Amish country with the boys, I'm game. Or Philly for that matter. Both you can reach by bus or train. AND I'm savvy on both (well, I'm getting there!). And yeah I agree.... Nothing is truly "free" anymore.

Dr. L said...

Oh! And there's Gettysburg and Williamsburg as well for places to visit too.

Corey said...

wow, Amports Rule? I'd say that's pretty telling of Sean's abilities right there. Pretty darn awesome :)

Jude said...

Sean must have some teacher in him, my boys are STILL talking about and doing the magic tricks he showed them during our 12 hours of pioneer life with you guys ;)