Saturday, August 25, 2012


*to have had the last three weeks together. Especially the last seven days of vacation. We've done a whole lot of nothing and it's been awesome.

*to have been able to spend some time with family. Especially Sean's family who we don't get to see as often.

*to have saved some things from Sean's Grandpa's. He's doing just fine in an assisted living facility in Tennessee, close to Sean's parents and sister. It was kinda sad emptying out his condo, though. I was able to keep a lot of stuff that nobody else wanted, for pretty obvious reasons. For example, the yellow dishes circa: a bad, bad era for home decor. They're yellow, though, and they were headed for Goodwill. I also scored a few more pieces for my Pyrex collection and a FireKing bowl that I lovelovelove. We also got a few pieces of furniture; some didn't quite make it home thanks to a hundred miles of downpour and a tarp that just couldn't hang. I am super excited about a little yellow rocker for the future nursery. The MOST exciting thing I found was something Sean got that I didn't even see. It's a little metal airplane music box. I pulled it out of the box, excited that he got a cool little airplane, but I was THRILLED when I realized the music box plays Felix's song!!! I can admit that I cried a little as I recognized the first few notes of "Fly Me to the Moon."

*to be pregnant::despite my aversion to everything and nausea that I've never experienced; despite my hunger that I can NOT satisfy; despite my inability to stomach even the smell of coffee; despite the ache in my hips already(!!); despite the fact that I can't button my pants already(!!!)

*that Sean has been cooking a LOT over his break. A lot, a lot. As in, there's chicken 'n dumplin's on the stove right now that I had nothing to do with.

*to be starting school Monday with the kiddos::I'm more excited this year than I was last. I feel like I know what I'm doing this go 'round. I'm thrilled that Felix is so ready that I'm having to hide school books from him. Simon...not so much.

*that Sean is entering his second semester. I'm a little anxious to see how much of him we get with the increase in semester hours and the heavier course load. At the same time, I'm excited for the progress. Sometimes I still can't believe he's actually doing this thing. It's not on the horizon; it's not something we're planning for; it's here and we're doing it. THAT is an awesome feeling.

*to have a new printer so I can catch up on my Project Life. I am 5-6 weeks behind and am anxious to get that bad boy full of some of our summer adventures.

*to get back to a normal schedule. This summer has been a blast, but I'm ready for the loose consistency of school. I am ready for FALL. I am ready to watch the leaves fully change color as some are already doing here. My Southern heart is ready to burst with anticipation of an actual Fall.

On that note, I am off to do something productive. I have a handful of posts waiting to be finished up, so any blog readers that I have left: prepare yourself for a random smattering of posts to come! Happy last weekend before school!

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