Monday, August 20, 2012


A smattering of snapshots from the last few months, all taken with the iPhone 4S.

Instagram & the camera the 4S offers is kinda the reason I finally hopped over to iPhone land and it baffles me that I have friends with iPhones that AREN'T on Instagram. So friends with iphones that don't have the Instagram app, you should get it. And use it every single day.

Pretty enough for the portability a cell phone brings. I also find myself taking a bazillion times more pictures. I hate that so many memories are being reduced to iPhone quality, but I'm happy that so many more memories are being captured.


nicole said...

Love them all :)

Amy said...

Chrissy, your boys are precious! I love seeing all your pictures, and cant wait to see the newest addition! :)

~Amy Williams
(I joined the blogging world!)