Monday, September 03, 2012


Last month(sheesh, can't believe it's September!), we went on a short day trip to a local-ish lake and waterfall. I was so sick and the waterfall was full of obnoxious people who didn't heed the many signs not to leave the boardwalk and swim in the waterfall. I actually didn't mind their obnoxious galavanting, it was the fact that they ruined an awesome photo-op.
After filling up on sunshine, we yelped restaurants in Gettysburg, having seen the highway signs indicating how close we were. We landed at an awesome 1700s tavern. Hence, my one and only picture. It was dark, dank and true to life. The story behind it was amazing, but will drag this post on into oblivion. 
On our way home, we stumbled upon the battlefield. Given the opportunity of a free auto tour of the battlefield itself, the man was easily convinced.
Hey, man! Get outta my shot. :D

The battlefield at sunset. Pretty humbling seeing how these men fought. There was NOTHING to hide behind.

 My new favorite picture EVER.

 Ignore the bathing suits and belly hanging out. I'm desperate for family photos, so...
Upon receiving a barrage of questions, like "Who were the bad guys?" from the little ones, we opted to watch Gettysburg as a family. I think Col. Chamberlain's speech in Gettysburg did a great job of summing it up(and making me cry through an entire box of tissues).


Corey said...

I've always wanted to go to Gettysburg. Isn't it neat to live so close to so much history?

nicole said...

Very cool!! Would love to see it too.

Jude said...

i got to drive through there once while visiting a friend... i was floored at how open it was, and how little the cabins were! i want to hear the tavern story!!