Friday, September 21, 2012


-I think people will live to regret the current fashion trends. Again. Is it an accomplishment to say, "I lived through the 80's. What was I thinking?" Only to relive the same fashion trends a second time? Skinny jeans were a bad idea then and now. Big, black framed glasses in the name of being a Hipster? Nope. No. Maybe for a party or photo op, but in real life...When will bouffant hair come back?

-Seeing the political posts on facebook make me want to ditch it again. I can feel it coming. I find myself rolling my eyes, asking the computer screen, "Do you think that makes your guy look GOOD?" For the record, that is in reference to both candidates. How do people not see that they are just different sides of the same coin? People call "Rom" an elitist. Right and Obama's a pauper. People are infatuated with a new "savior." Will Romney really do anything different? Isn't America kind of on a runaway train either way? Living in D.C., I swear we are even more inundated with political vitriol. From both sides. It's getting old.

-Who's humming Soul Asylum now?
Runaway train never goin' back!
Wrong way on a one way track!
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there.

-DC is mean. As a whole. I am speaking in broad generalizations. For instance, I went grocery shopping by myself today. I left the house thinking nothing could ruin my mood. I ran in to TJ Maxx for pitchers. I was given the "upward hand" by someone who cut me off.

Next stop, the Dollar Tree for styrofoam bowls and napkins for Life Group. There was one sweet old man in there, bumbling through the store, spreading sunshine. He was wearing an NC shirt and I pegged him for a tourist before he started chatting about his flight with another woman in line. As he was walking towards the checkout, sweet as could be, this obnoxious woman put her hand in his face and said rudely, "Slow down, Man! It's just like driving." She was referring to his cart sticking a little bit into her pathway.

Following that, I got a cashier who did not say a word to my, "How are you today?" In the silence that followed, I couldn't help but wonder why I, the customer, was trying to engage with her, the cashier, rather than vice versa. Other than her slamming my watercolor paints on to the check writer counter, that was the extent of our lovely exchange.

Trader Joes was next. Always a happy place. I almost got rammed by the same man twice. I wanted to say something snarky when I got to the checkout ahead of him. I didn't. The store was jammed, as usual, but he took it upon himself to try and cut every patron, at every register. Sensing defeat, he turned on one of the clerks, demanding another register be open, just for him.

THAT is the attitude I can't stand. Rush, rush, rush. Don't get in my way. I'm more important than the next guy. THAT is the attitude of people in this city. Maybe it's all big cities. If so, I'm not cut out for city life.

Unfortunately, I had to round out my day with a trip to Whole Foods. I'll sum it up with: Whole Foods is never a pleasant experience.

-Aside from all the rudeness, that I've actually become quite accustomed to, I noticed grocery prices are on the rise. Again. Every single week. Twenty cents might not seem like a lot, but when it's 25% of the groceries in your cart, twenty cents adds up. Not to mention, prices are going up WEEKLY.

-I won't even get into the $4/gallon I'm/we're paying for gas. Other than to say, people seemed a lot more angry about gas prices four years ago...What's with the double standard?

I don't know where I was going with any of this. Just ranting, I suppose. Be kind to your fellow man. Hold the door for people. Smile. Make eye contact. Grow a garden. Buy a bike. The end.

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