Thursday, September 06, 2012


How can ma Feefs be seven? My middle one. Seven.
This boy who can read like no other. I haven't tested him yet, but I'm thinking he's somewhere around a fifth grade reading level.
This boy who can come up with some pretty amazing Lego creations.
This boy who hates sour cream.
This boy who will eat anything(except sour cream).
This boy who will eat rather than play. He's no dummy.
This boy who wants to learn to play the piano, just to impress his Dad.
This boy who can't stand the thought of having his pictures taken, but poses like a model and totally gets into it when the time comes.
This boy who is so loyal to Simon and so kind to Titus, even when neither reciprocates.
This boy who falls asleep and wakes up reading.
This boy who makes fart noises constantly. CONSTANTLY.
This boy who has the most amazing blue eyes, with a little ring of green and gold in the middle.
This boy who still talks about his Texas friends almost every day.
This boy who is kinda lazy when it comes to cleaning up.
This boy who is not as inclined to chat it up with the world as his older brother.
This boy who completely lives up to the middle child sterotype.
This boy who scoops up ants and moves them to a safer place.
This boy who will just as quickly stomp a spider to "smither-beans."
This boy who has the most tender of hearts.
This boy who offers to make our coffee because he knows he has the sugar/cream ratio just right.
This boy who loves to help in the kitchen.
This boy who clears his dishes every single time without fail, without being reminded.
This boy who does his chore of loading or unloading the dishwasher without complaining.
This boy who wants to pray at the start of every meal.
This boy who ends his mealtime prayer with a list of every grievance Titus has done on that particular day.
This boy who has a determination like none other about so many things.
This boy who does not give his love away easily.
This boy who captures my heart with every show of affection.
This boy who is a bit mischeivous but never means harm towards anyone.
This boy who speaks his mind without hesitation.

This boy of mine who I love more than I could ever put into words.

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Corey said...

This post did not come up in my feed reader :( I knew he had a bday though!
Both my kids had birthdays last month and I didn't take ANY pictures of them :( I'm a bad mommy!