Friday, September 28, 2012


I've been getting emails about sponsored posts. As in, I'd get paid to put a post up about certain products/companies that have been asking. That seems so weird to me. Who is reading my blog?! I'm certainly not getting many comments these days, but according to my stats(if I'm reading them correctly), a lot more people are reading. Why? I rarely post anymore. Not compared to the good old days. I don't care about my blog anymore. Not in the way I once did. Maybe it's the perspective of old age. Maybe it's reading the 'celebrity blogs' and sensing a depth more shallow than a kiddie pool.

I think my blogging is all relative to my picture taking. How sad. I love this blog for the memories it holds. I miss the feel of my big ole camera in my hand. I miss typing my thoughts and having the ability to reread them months later and see how I've grown(or regressed). Most days, though, I'm so busy with the routine of this life that I don't make time to jot it down. Most days are just monotonous enough to hold so little flamboyance that it doesn't make for a good read. I think the me of the future will disagree with that statement. The ordinariness of life is the stuff I want to remember.

If you still read, why? What do you want to read about?

Silly things like Titus' new routine of saying, "Mom, let's talk about this," when he doesn't get his way? This started earlier this week when I told him he couldn't have another sucker or a pickle before dinner.

Perhaps there are those of you that like my food rants?

Homeschooling? Sean's schooling?

How about how many times I've been flicked off in traffic this week?

Ha! That reminds me...the other night at dinner, I'd successfully interpreted a Pinterest recipe. After one bite, Simon volunteered to pray. "Dear Jesus, thank You for this food! For my mom's brain that made the recipe. For the food in the fridge and the money that bought it. Watch over my dad while he drives home. Help him not to get honked at. God, protect him from all those slow, idiot drivers...except for him." Sean will never fit in here, driving wise.

He haaaaaaaaaates driving in this town. As do I, but it's an opportunity to let out bottled rage, y'see? He managed to get us all the way to Fort Meade today for groceries. We were told the commissary there is a good one. That's the problem with the way we eat...normal grocery stores, especially government run ones, don't typically measure up to my high standards of "no pink slime" and "farmed fish from China/Peru/Ecuador does not mean the same as 'wild-caught Alaskan'!"

Lo and behold, I have a topic for another post. No, not inflation and the lies of the government that it doesn't exist/justification for it's exstence in the same speech; rather, our grocery budget. I would love to know if we're normal! Maybe I'll lay it all out there and see if I can get some feedback.

Because I can't let it(inflation) go, I'm not just talking about the super obvious gas prices we're all paying. A true to life example, the same bread that I bought on base in TX last year: $1.99/loaf. By the time I found it again in Sumter, SC: $2.49/loaf. Today, I payed $3.49 and the loaf was a few slices less than it once was. Ain't no joke when you can carry your groceries to the car in your arms and you're bank account has dipped $150.

There ya have it, a completely random post. Hoping for some guidance or feedback or inspiration or...?


Corey said...

hello friend. i read every single time you post. (just forgive me for lack of commenting it's PURE laziness for not clicking over) most of the time I do comment though.
I want to hear about it all. Homeschooling, cooking, budgeting, food rants, Jesus, Felix Simon Titus and little baby and Sean. :P
I need to blog! Can I just copy and paste your second paragraph?! Cuz that's about exactly what I want to say ;-) I have 2 or 3 posts that I've started, saved and then never finished. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will finish a post!

Anonymous said...

I will leave a comment. I don't get to read the blog as often as I once did (my employer has blocked blogs). After being on my computer all day at work, I tend to not drift there in the evening. I do love reading the blog though and appreciate the love that you express by recording "your day to day" lives, because we miss you guys so much and you give us a peak at what we are missing. Keep up the great work. Love, Mom (Audie)

Anonymous said...

btw, all topics are great, even the rants. Love Mom (Audie)

Jude said...

thanks to your food rants I can no longer buy my cheap whole wheat bread (full of high fructose corn syrup!) and I now make my own cookies for school lunches. (more work) So shut up already or I am going to be buying part of a cow... oh wait, I am. Darn you Chrissy! (you know i am kidding. i love you. post away :) )

Dr. L said...

I like it all. I like hearing about even the seemingly mundane. I get lonely up in PA but I'm busy with work, so I miss being around people who come from where I come from. Don't know if that makes sense. I may not read everyday, but every few days or so I check. I can actually read your blog on my phone. Life is busy. Youre about to get busier, but I appreciate the blogs and pics you do post.

Anonymous said...

I catch up on your blog monthly. I like reading several posts at a time ;-) if it means anything, out of many friends blogs, yours is the only one i regularly read. You make me laugh with your whit, and your depth challenges me. You keep it real which makes your blog like my favorite chair: comfortable and welcoming. Keep it up!