Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

As far as I know, not many people are doing ten on tuesday anymore. For that matter, not many people are blogging anymore. Myself included. I am completely uninspired to do things like take pictures or sit down at the computer to do anything. Alas, dinner is on the stove and the boys are playing harmoniously in the basement. If I get involved in any thing beyond the extent of typing...they'll find me out and want/need something. And so...

#1: We are a month into school. The boys as my little students, me as the teacher and most importantly for the future of our family, Sean. I can't believe he's a third of the way through his second semester. It is FLYING and is getting increasingly more demanding. He's done an awesome job of balancing school work with family life and has even given me a few chances to leave the house unencumbered by small folk.

#2: As a whole, homeschooling is remarkably better this year. I have more friends educating their children at home and therefore a wider net of encouragement. None locally, but I'm working on it. :) Some days drag on and on and on. Some days we're done so quickly I feel the need to add more work to our plate. I don't, but I feel like I should. Yesterday, we didn't finish until 4. Today, we were done by noon. As far as mental stability, I find myself more thankful this year. It's not a necessity, it's not something I feel like I have to do, it's something we all want. Just last week as I was erasing whiteboards while Felix wrote and Simon read with a (super cheesy) Bible verse cd playing in the background, I got all kindsa emotional. I was overwhelmed with gratitude that I have the freedom and ability to educate my boys at home. It's a privilege and I am grateful.

#3: I scheduled my ultrasound yesterday. October 13th, I will know if this is a baby sister as all but Felix have requested or another baby boy. Either way, I'm perfectly content. As soon as I get the thought in my head that I'd love a baby girl, I see a teenage one out in public. When I get visions of lil pigtails and frilly dresses in sight, I notice things like the current trend of pocket linings being longer than the hem line. And I break out in cold sweats and think, "Oh, Lord, gimme another BOY!"

#4: I'm feeling the little one move already. No strong kicks yet, but little pokes here and there. It's a good reminder that I'm pregnant. Now that the constant nausea is gone, it's easy to forget.

#5: I have been missing my Texas friends so badly lately. :( I'm so stinking emotional as it is, but my little circle there was a very special thing.

#6: That said, as I explained to Mr. Felix the other night, being in the military allows us to have friends all over. I have a new little circle here that is just as special as my Texas circle, we just don't have the history. Yet. I'm excited to see what kind of adventures we end up in together.

#7: I went yard saling with one of those friends this weekend. I was able to get two little school chairs for $5/each. A Janie and Jack/Gap winter wardrobe for Titus for $11. A full box of matchbox cars for $12. I scored the cutest little avocado green suitcase for FREE. A yard and a half of moda fabric for $1 that will soon be the back of a baby quilt. A giant bin of magnetix for the boys for $1. A Radio Flyer wheel barrow that has never been used for $5.

#8: Awana starts tomorrow! I somehow signed myself up to help with the Cubbies.

#9: I don't listen to country music, but our Christian radio station has had this one on a loop lately. Every single time I hear it, I wind up a big, snotty mess. Such a beautiful, beautiful song that has stood the test of time. It makes me think of my Grandma and church and learning to read. This was one of those hymns that was easy to sing when I was little because it was slow enough that I could read the words before we had to sing 'em. :D Anyways, I'm always a mess during worship, even more so now that we attend such an amazing church. Hearing hymns like this, being reminded of who and what I am apart from Christ...sigh. How great Thou art, indeed.

#10: Gotta go find a tissue...


Corey said...

Well I'm glad someone is blogging! I have written blog posts in my mind over and over, yet they never seem to make it into print.
#1..how long is Sean's schooling? where will you go after that?
#2 yes, yes, yes!
#3 I can't wait to find out what the bebe is!! But yeah, if it's a girl there is an entirely different set of worries that come along with it. The pigtails and ruffles last only for a little while and by the time they're about 5 it's nearly impossible to find them anything appropriet to wear. It's sickening.
#9 I love that song. And Carrie Underwood has such a beautiful voice. I really wish she'd release more songs where she actually sings LOL!

Jude said...

ok, i'll ten on tuesday next week. ;)
i am glad you like homeschooling, you need a field trip though. An overnight one :) :) :)

such deals, SO jealous!