Monday, October 15, 2012


This kid...he's pretty amazing. We have our battles, because he's the one that's most like me. And most like Sean.
He makes noises constantly. It's like he's not even aware. But...he's learning to keep a note and harmonize a little. Blew my mind tonight when Sean said, "Can you hum this note?" He hit a C on the piano and the kid nailed it. What?!
 If he's in his room, he's either playing his guitar or drawing.
He is a rockstar at Awana and I was told by a mother last week that she hopes her son is just like Simon when he's older. He has quite the fan club. Luckily, he's somewhat oblivious to the girl members of said club. I think...
I forget that he's as old as he is. If I'm not aging, surely he isn't! Sometimes, I forget that he's his own person with wants and opinions. I forget that I have to let him grow up. Sometimes, I push him to grow up too fast. This parenting thing is tricky.

"If you don't listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won't tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff." 
~Catherine M. Wallace~

That saying, is the one I think of with this guy. Because he always wants to tell me something. I hear, "Guess what?" no less than 100 times a day. I've been really trying to focus on those little things b/c I realize he's just a few years away from cracked teenager or whole young man. Yikes.
He's been asking to be baptized since San Antonio. We've been making sure and double checking and asking the tough questions for several months now. Lots of long talks, lots of questions asked from him and us.
The things he understands blows my mind. The concepts he grasps, wow. I credit it to his teacher. I mean, dang, she must be amazing. ;)
He wants to be a famous guitar player. Not for any of the reasons one would think. He simply wants people to ask for his autograph. That's it. Humble, that one.
I'm not sure how on earth he's still as skinny as he is. His favorite foods on the planet are butter, sour cream and bread. In that order. I keep meaning to find him an "I heart butter" shirt online. He'll eat anything and I find myself passing plates of leftovers to him as often as I do Sean.

His skininess has kept him in the same size clothes for a solid year. That works for the budget, not so much for pictures as the last two or three times I've put him in front of the camera, he's worn this exact outfit. Just waiting on a chance to make a mad dash to the outlets for this boy.
 He's quite the little Rico Suave.
Last week, our cd player in the basement evolved a mind of it's own. It kept turning on at random moments, blasting Countries and Continents songs. While I was convinced it was a plot for the next Law & Order, he grabbed his pocket knife and went on the hunt. O-o
He told me today that he needs to take Karate. "Uh, yeah, that's not gonna happen. Too expensive." He gave me the cocked eyebrow look and continued campaigning with, "I need to know how to defend this family." The kid kills me. He continued in his deep, defender voice, "Hands off the lady." :)
He was so enamored at the ultrasound on Saturday. He was so in awe of seeing his little brother up on the big screen. I'm excited to see what relationship comes of the two of them with him being so much older. It freaks me out a tad to think of the littlest only being eight when my biggest starts college.

 I am so unbelievably proud of who he is and who he's becoming.


Corey said...

did you change the settings on your blog? because now I have to click over from google reader in order to read everything and see the pics :)
I swear Simon and Jake would be such good friends. Every time you write about him I see such similarities. He is a good, good boy. He has the best mom and dad :)

rhonda: alpha dog said...

I tell you, that Simon, he's a heartbreaker! :-D We'll take him. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting. We'll take him from here on. ;-)

Dr. L said...

Same here. I'm using Google Currents and I have to view in browser now. Still will tho! :-)