Monday, October 15, 2012

a Fall walk

While waiting on 'Mr.' Rhonda the other day, Titus and I headed out for a walk. There's one tree in the back of our neighborhood that is so colorful it looks as if it's on fire. I wonder if people who grow up with magical leaves appreciate Fall as much as those of us who didn't. 

I didn't realize Fall was so fast. I had no idea that a tree full of yellow leaves might not still be full by the time the leaves make it to red. I didn't think about things like wind. 

Off we went with a light saber, in search of the tree on fire. 

"I'm a Star Wars guy and you're my princess." He held my hand most of the half mile.

 We stopped along the way and tried to find a leaf in every color. The brown ones, we stomped.
 We finally made it to the magical tree. It was already less full than the day before.
Titus had to stop and take a rest at one point along the way. "Mommy," he said, not so much whiny as heart broken, "I think we need a car. I not gonna make it."
Not two seconds later, he decided to run the rest of the way. Watching his bitty, slightly bowed legs run up the hill, clutching his britches, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to do this little boy thing all over again.
And being presented with a bouquet of colorful leaves? It's pretty much the greatest thing ever. Better than roses, better than tulips. I love Fall and I love my little Star Wars Guy.

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