Tuesday, October 30, 2012

another Tuesday

1- We made it through the Frankenstorm better than forecasted. Thankfully, it was much ado about nothing(for this area) and we are fully prepared for the next big storm. Sandy did bring cooler temperatures than we've felt in years, though, so I'm getting a little anxious to get the kiddos winter gear!

2- The last time I had concern for snow gear was...oh, snap...twenty years ago when we were living in upstate NY. My kids have seen snow twice; once here(ha, so embarrassing) and again here (oi, the red icing on my baby's face makes me cringe). Going from food prep gloves and cowboy boots to coats, ski pants, gloves, hats, scarves/face shields, boots, long johns...how do you Yankees afford it?!

3- Baby boy has a name. Felix wants to call him Louis and Titus is weighing in with Thomas, but this little guy's name just seemed to choose him. 

4- Random strangers are starting to notice the belly. I was speaking to an older woman from Haiti the other day. She said, "Wow, three boys. So this is your girl in there?" I just smiled. She said, "Oh, Lord, have mercy! Four boys?" She then proceeded to tell me how many children every single person in her extended family has and their genders. Apparently, Haitians have very big families. :)

5- I have my 20 week ultrasound next Friday. Insanity.

6- The Genetic Roulette video seems to be making it's way around. Makes me happy to follow links and see people's comments. Oddly enough, I haven't come across any super negative comments. Kinda hard to argue something that is so blatantly obvious, I suppose.

7- We are mid-way through week ten in school. I am still making minor adjustments, but for the most part we have our rhythm. This year has been so much smoother than last. It could be the fact that we live in a house. Or that we haven't moved yet this school year. There is much to be said for stability! I am still loving almost everything about Sonlight. I see some things I can do without next year and some things that need to be added, but for this year, we are getting everything we need and then some.

8- Finishing George Mueller's biography with my boys last week, I had one of those "This is right!" moments. What's so reassuring is that I seem to have moments like that every single day. I also have, "I can't take this crap no-mo!" moments, but they are few and far between and typically not even related to school. When my seven year old is picking out books that make the librarian raise her eyebrows, I give myself a mental pat on the back. My boys are soaking up knowledge that I was never even exposed to. We read the Bible together every single day. My first/second grader is grasping math concepts that I still have to think about a little too hard. They actually like school. Seriously, it is worth it.

9- I'm getting right comfy at telling people "NOPE." It's this new era of finding the balance between growling like a wildebeest and doing unto others. See? That's my problem. I think simply saying no is equivalent to being a growling wildebeest. When I stop being a pedantic fortune teller and just SAY NO, it usually ends up just fine.

10- Tonight, while ushering the children along towards bedtime(doesn't that sound nice and bedtime story-y?) Sean noticed legos on the floor that he'd asked Felix to pick up earlier in the day. "Gah! And look at the top of his dresser. I'm getting tired of telling these kids...When did we turn into our parents?"

I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I'm glad to be here and I'm glad we had the parents we did. I know he and I turned out pretty great and I'm sure our little punks-despite having their head firmly planted, ostrich deep between their lil cheekies 99% of the time-will turn out alright, too. Lord willing.

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