Thursday, October 25, 2012


Do people who experience Fall every year still appreciate the beauty of it? I think they must. Otherwise, they'd move south to enjoy the one and only season offered there. 

Coming from places that don't have Fall, I pretend I enjoy it more than everyone else. Even if we all enjoy it the same amount. I hold my breath every time I hear wind. It's awesome to watch the leaves drift down like snow, but at the same time, it really stinks to see the trees so bare already. 

The kiddos were thoroughly threatened and bribed a few days ago as we headed out for a walk around our neighborhood with my camera in tow. I promised lollipops and park time for all cooperating participants. Before I'd even locked the front door, we had an injury. 

WHY boys insist on racing for every little thing, I do not know. They race to see who can drink their water faster. They race to see who can brush their teeth faster. They race to see who can make it from one tree to the next faster. Unfortunately, they never race when I need them to actually hurry. On this particular day, it was a scooter race on a very uneven sidewalk. It ended badly and loudly. In the end, the injured participant brushed himself off and insisted he could make it to the park.

This one has been wearing his father's Uncle Eddy hat for days. 

 This one is in desperate, desperate need of a haircut.
 I'd given up on threatening, bribing or trying to get a decent picture at this point. It was fun to watch them leaf fight, though. They have no clue how awesome snow is going to be!

 *sigh* Please don't leave...leaves.

One last shot from a place I will miss when we're done with this city. By this point in the photo walk, they'd lost out on their lollipop. :) I would've forgotten that if not for the joy so evident on their little faces.


rhonda: alpha dog said...

Oh, how I love these photos!!! :-) Love, love, love these!!!

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