Saturday, October 20, 2012


It's been a while since I've ranted about food on here. Well...get ready.

A (good, honest, genuine, caring, like minded) friend sent me a link today.

Let me just say, I am angry. The type of angry that makes me want to buy a bullhorn and carry it with me to the grocery store. The type of angry that makes me just want to shake people. The type of angry that makes me want to blog.

Over the past two years of my food journey, I've learned a few things about people. There are people who are as shocked and appalled as I was about the state of our food supply and make drastic changes right away. There are skeptical people who take some time coming around, but do eventually see validity in what is before them. And the third type...

The third type ignores all TRUTH.
The third type may dig for half a second for something to back up their version of truth.
The third type categorizes me/people like me as a hippie and justifies ignoring Truth.
The third type calls me/people like me names.
The third type rationalizes.
The third type blames.
The third type makes no changes whatsoever.
The third type has NO ARGUMENT to back their own position, but feels justified rolling their eyes and walking away.
The third type takes no responsibility for their own actions.'
The third type thinks diseases just happen to them. Cancer just happens. Alzheimer's is just in the genes. Diabetes is a given for some, etc.

I am angry because I fed my kids GARBAGE every single day, for years. I am angry that I have guilt over something I didn't know I needed to investigate. Every freaking morsel I was putting in their mouths was tainted. I fed Simon formula that was full of high fructose corn syrup and GMO soy. Have you read the ingredients on a non-organic bottle of formula?! Insanity.

I think the part that makes me most angry is that the bad food isn't so obvious. Everybody knows chips and candy are bad. It's the fact that meat and dairy and even VEGETABLES are killing our kids. Not killing them in a nice, swift way, either. It's diabolical. Kids are sicker than ever. Adults are sicker than ever. People can't have babies. People are having to run to the doctor for diseases that didn't even exist a few generations ago. GRR!

It's so much more than calories and carbs. It goes so far beyond fat or skinny. This is truth versus the lie that we've all been fed by the powers that be. I'm ticked off about it. The more people that get angry, the more people that are voting with their dollar. And that, my friends, is the bottom line. It's all about the money.

The video is just over an hour long. If you get as worked up as I did, it won't seem that long at all. :)

The information in this video is why I buy organic. This is why I don't indulge in McDonald's "every once in a while." It's not convenient. It's not cheap. Not in the end, when your gut is leaking food into the rest of your body. The information in this video is why I make homemade granola instead of filling my kids up with boxed cereal. This is why I take the extra time to personally prepare 98% of our meals. Don't tell me it's not worth it or a waste of time. Tell yourself that. But don't say you didn't know.


Sarmiento Family said...

I am so worked up about this movie that I've given myself a headache! I really don't understand how things got this bad. How a government that sends troops to war and counteracts terrorism is choosing to sit idly and feed its own people RoundUp ready food that is slowly, but surely, killing them (us)? It is beyond my understanding!

If choosing a healthy lifestyle for my family makes me a hippie, tree hugger, etc. then I happily accept those titles. While I may be paying a hell of a lot more for real food, I'd certainly choose that over paying the pharmaceutical companies and the medical community.

Keep ticking people off and shouting it from the rooftops, some will listen and some won't, but at least you're getting the information out there!

Preach on my friend!

MadHatter said...

This is freaky.I almost don't want to believe it. It makes so much sense and is such insantiy at the same time. Do you have a "dummies guide to quit killing our guts" or "10 easy steps to not eating GMOs"?

Jude said...

I am prepping up to watch this one...
Everytime I make homemade cookies instead of chucking a rice-crispy treat in the boys' lunches I think of you! LOL. But if they ask one more time why we don't have juice boxes anymore, I am totally throwing you under the bus... ;)

rhonda: alpha dog said...

Guess who told her mom about the hair and feathers in breads. Ewewewewewwew! :-P

Corey said...

I haven't had the time to watch this one yet...but I will. I kinda think I may have already seen it. Anyway, keep talking girl, because people ARE listening :D

rhonda: alpha dog said...

From the time the video started I wondered, 'But, how will I know what's a non-GMO? Is there a list of the ingredients? Will I have to shop with Chrissy every week to know what to buy?'

The good news is that 3/4 the way through they mention an app called, of all things, nonGMO. It has a list of brands for every type of food you'd need! Yep, I downloaded it!

I can say that during my brief bug rigorous juicing experiment, I did use all organic veggies and fruits and did feel much better. It may not cure what's going on with me, but I have no doubt that non-GMOs will help.