Friday, October 05, 2012

Last week

Sean and the big two have been frequenting Radio Shack lately. I didn't know people actually patronized such a place. They came back with an electronic snap kit. It's a board that you snap pieces into to make simple electronic devices. Sean and Simon's thing is music. Sean and Felix's thing seems to be science. This kid is brilliant. Simon is smart and he knows it. Felix is a flippin' genius and has no idea.
While I was making dinner the other day, Sean laid out all the pieces to make a circuit for a light and said he wasn't going to help Felix at all. He told Felix, "Have at it." Not a minute later, I heard Sean chuckle. "Did he do it?" I asked. "He did it...with two less pieces."

 This is Sean's impressed look. :)
 I can't wait to see what becomes of our middlest man cub. I'm so thankful, that even in the busiest season of Sean's life that he takes time for his boys. It is making and will make the biggest difference in their lives. I am confident of that.
A few days prior, I heard the familiar bells of the ice cream man. He's usually snubbed by me with his rolling wagon of artificial colors and overpriced frozen water. Plus, I have a distrust of ice cream men. I've never met one that doesn't seem like a pedophile. Yeah, I think like that. I'm super judgemental and I don't just jump to conclusions, I leap to them.

Despite all that, I told Felix if he wanted to front the money for his brothers(he had a birthday stash), I would allow it. He did take a tax of a bite or two. The only kid in the family that has Sean's freakish ability to bite cold things with his front teeth. Creeps the rest of us out.
This Mr. was in the bathtub while his brothers were partaking. He was mighty happy they remembered to get him a rocket pop.

 Simon is so graceful. :)



Corey said...

The electronics thing is right up Jake's ally. He loves that sort of thing. Maybe I need to go to Radio Shack ;) That was so nice of Felix to buy his brothers ice cream!

Jude said...

please send me the details on this circuit thing! Right up Em's alley! Love that he did that with the ice cream, so sweet :) However, I am wondering, how do you bite cold things?!?! I use my front teeth like Feefs!