Saturday, October 27, 2012

more Fall

I drank coffee at 6 p.m.

After taking a very, very interrupted set of nap-lets from 3:30-4:30. I remember very loud car and/or animal noises coming from the basement and handing out quite a few mumbled threats that I never made good on.

All that to say, I am wide awake!

I also took more Fall pictures yesterday. AND TODAY. I am in love with my big camera again and have been lugging it out. There's a sense of urgency with the big storm coming, sure to blow all of our beautiful leaves away.

Plus, I spoke to Grandma tonight and she said "Keep 'em(the pictures) comin'!"
These have a very yellow tint. I'm still trying to decide between Lightroom and Photoshop. For now, I'm just doing small tweaks in iPhoto.

 Another hand me down on Mr. T. *sigh*
We did actually rake the leaves, but as predicted, it was a huge waste of time thanks to three certain Tasmanian devils.

We are getting tons of leaves from this tree. It's a biggun'. Really hoping we don't lose any more branches during the predicted 'Frankenstorm.' <eye roll>
After enough time in the leaves, we had dinner, just the four of us. School for Sean has taken a sudden turn for the "Oh, crap!" He's put in some late nights at the school house. He did, however, take the time to flip my big gas sign on the wall. :) 4

And from today...with a short story to lead. Simon caught the sight of something in the cupboard the other day. He just stared at me with self-righteous raised eyebrows.

"When did we start eating that garbage again?"

I thought he was referring to my Trader Joes mom stash of yogurt covered pretzels. I explained that they were non-GMO. Yes, my kid knows what that means.

"Not those! THOSE!"-he said, pointing at a bag of m&ms.
"OOOooooh. Daddy bought those."-me :)

All that to say, I bribed them with artificial dye laden junk. You would think they would've been more cooperative.
 Definitely not m&m worthy.
 A touch better...
Not even close. Gee, Felix, are you loving this or what? Also, that is not lipstick on my littlest. That would be a pink marker. I don't know if he tried to eat it or...?

Be still my heart. This kid better thank me one day for marrying such a handsome man as his daddy.
 And this one obviously got the good Rutan genes.

 Everybody say, "Cheese! I mean...chiggers!"
 Poor, poor Felix.
 Really wish I'da noticed the clump of grass left behind.

:) I wonder if Titus'll get lost in the crowd when the new one comes. Some how, I doubt it.
 After all that fun, we decided to pack up Fall and bring it with us. :)
 Sadly, Fall won't fit. Even in the greatest, little suitcase of all time.


rhonda: alpha dog said...

I'm with Grandma, keep 'em comin'! I could look at your photos all day every day--and not just because I think these are 3 of the cutest boys ever, and not just because I know one of them will be sold to us in due time. ;-) (Everyone has a price, Chrissy... everyone.) ;-)

Corey said...

LOVE the fall pics. I always thought we kinda had fall here in least more than people in say...TX or something. But NOPE...nothing like this anyway. Maybe where I grew up, but definitely not in Oakland. It was 80* again yesterday LOL!
It's also amusing how you can so easily see their personalities through these pics.