Thursday, October 11, 2012

on my mind

-at this exact moment, Sean is letting the boys stay up 30 minutes past their bedtime because he saw that ALF is on on some obscure channel. "I want my children to know who ALF is," he said. :)

-earlier tonight, Sean was teaching Simon to play my most favorite song of all time, "In Christ Alone." It makes me cry 150% of the time. I cry over it even when it's not being played. I just have to think about the words and I crumble. Sean learned to play it last night on the piano. Adding Simon on the guitar into the

-Simon is scheduled to be baptised at the end of November. I suspect Sean wants to play "In Christ Alone" with him on that Sunday. We shall see.

-earlier tonight, Titus walked in with a big, purple mark across his shirt.
"Titus, you got marker on your shirt."-I mentioned.
"Oh. That doesn't matter," he replied, non-chalantly.
"Yes, it does matter," I replied.
"Oh. Well, it doesn't matter to me."- Sean laughed. That boy...:)

-I guilted/bribed the boys for pictures for my birthday. Simon and Felix played photog until I heard Sean's boots thumping through the house. He loooooooves taking pictures. I let him out of being a poser if he would push the shutter just a few times. I'll post 'em in a separate post.

-This has been a big week. Still don't know if we're going to Ohio or Nevada, but we're supposed to know by tomorrow, Monday at the latest. They've also opened up DC for one person, but I'm kinda hoping it's not us. There are definite perks to staying(friends, church, etc), but it's so expensive here and we rented this house with the idea we'd only be here a year. Living here for two more years with an additional small person is not in the cards. Having to move regardless? I'd rather get paid to do so and not have to schlep furniture a month post partum.

-As of my birthday, we have officially jumped into Apple world with both feet. I'm excited to get my new toy all set up. A bit antsy about all the switching over and learning a new system, but I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake.

-Tomorrow is my second OB appt. I'm actually looking forward to it. What a difference an awesome doctor makes!

-Saturday is the big day. Boy or girl, I have no gut feeling. I've been wrong before, so I'll just stick with...I'll take what I get. :)

-After editting, I see I am in desperate, desperate need of a trim. And eyebrows! Heavens to Betsy, I have a husband that should make me aware of these things. I honestly can't remember the last time I went in for a trim, but it's time. My hair has reached the stage where all I want to do is pull it up. I keep thinking it will get past this funky stage and I'll have long, manageable locks, but no. Today was an unusually bad hair day and of course it was the day the kids were willing to take pictures. The problem is that I attempted to dry some in the front straight and let the rest air dry. That worked about six inches ago. Now, the damp hair overtakes and makes the rest frizzy. Fun.

-I do have a very astute nine year old that gives me clues about my up-keep from time to time. He had the pleasure of seeing me pluck a facial hair the other day. I could pretend it was an eyebrow, but that wouldn't make the story nearly as funny. Simon seriously said, "Wow. It looks like you're trying to grow a mustache." Like it was a good thing. Thanks, Dude.

-That was the first moment I had an inkling this may be a girl? I never had such bursts of estrogen with the boys. It's either that or...I'm getting old. Thirty brought that on. It also caused me to ignore the date on buttermilk yesterday. It was only two days past, but still, not something I did in my younger years. Not one meal later, I was trimming massive bruises off a potato. What the heck? I used to see one fleck of dirt and toss a tater in the trash. I'm old, I tell you. It was confirmed tonight. After baking on parchment paper, I dusted off the crumbs and started to refold it. No joke. My own self awareness caused me to crumple it and toss it in the recycling bin, but...the time is coming. We are in a Depression. Just sayin'...

-Titus somehow hit his face on the footboard of our bed as I was putting my shoes on for taking pictures this afternoon. He was flipping. out. Poor guy. Regardless, you'll get to see my funky hair and his fat lip. He decided he would tough it out for pics because he knows there's always a lollipop at the end. I asked him before we headed out, "Are you gonna make it?" He ever so pitifully cried, "No. I not makin' it. I neeeeeed a wowwi-pop. Let's go take pitchers."

So we did. Stay tuned...


Corey said...

Happy Birthday!!
hurray for Simon for getting baptized. Jake has talked about it, but I'm not sure he's quite ready yet. i love seeing these young boys loving the Lord with all their hearts.
laughing at the facial hair thing. it may be age and estrogen. i don't know, but sometimes I think i'd like to wax my whole face LOL!
So you got your Mac?? Don't worry too much about switching over...for me it has been pretty easy...still a few things I'm learning though.
OH and I was going to tell you too..i searched on youtube for a video or tutorial on lightroom...there's a good one from BHPhoto. It's an hour and a half long, but it was well done...well the 30 minutes I watched anyway. :)
Happy Birthday again!!! Can't wait till Saturday...boy or girl, it will be fun to know.

Jude said...

happy for Simon :)
i did wonder how your hair got so straight in the front. you could drive a few hours for a free hair cut... totally worth the gas right?!?!
30, you ARE old! j/k. sort of.
so i should get a text saturday... cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

In Christ alone is my absolute favorite song. If I was brave enough I would sing it out loud for people...but for now, only for Jesus in my car! So excited about Simons eternal decision to follow Jesus as his Lord and Savior!! :)-Niki