Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ten on Wednesday

Tuesday didn't work out for a random list, but I am up early today, so why not?

1)The train by our house is driving me insane. You would think after months of living on Fort Sam by the train tracks, in an RV(did I just state the equivalent of "I live in a van, down by the river?")I would be used to it. Having lived here a solid five months, I thought it would just cease to bother me. I'm just curious as to why a train whistle has to be so loud. Also, why must the train conductors lay on said whistle for so long?

2)I was excited to learn that Trader Joe's brand is GMO free. I'm a little confused as to why they don't label it as such, especially since they come under attack pretty often for this reason. *Ew, Huffington Post. I'm on limited time and it was the easiest link to find. :/

3)Hand me downs are breaking my heart. I was searching for a particular shirt and opened a pandora's box of a rubbermaid bin. I knew the 4T clothes were there. I knew Titus would need them soon, but somewhere along the way, I forgot he was three and a half. I emptied the bin and clothed the boy. I had to count on my fingers. SURELY, my Felix hasn't been out of 4T for three whole years. I counted, recounted, checked birth dates...sure enough, time just flies. I know I'll be coming back to this post to copy the pictures when #4 grows into these. If they make it through T's reign, that is.

4. The outfit in question: T, 2012

5. F, February, 2010
6. S, March 2007-yikes, you can see the devolution of cameras via picture quality. 
7. I'm getting very, very excited about Ohio. Looking at houses, trying to get a lay of the land before we get's what makes moving every five seconds fun. I keep asking Sean, "Did you know we're moving in six months?...And did you know we're having a baby in five?" Turns out, he is aware. :)

8. We're 99% settled on a name for this baby boy. We're going to keep it a secret again. Our problem has been coming up with a middle name that goes with it. We need something long and with tons of meaning. 

9. If his name wasn't George, I would totally name this kid after George Mueller. The boys and I have been reading through his biography and I have to stop to weep every few pages. I've noticed it helps the kids pay attention. :) He cared for over 10,000(!!) orphans in his life with nary an income. Every single penny needed to run the orphanages came from donations made via prayer. I bet no one ever told George Mueller, "There is no God." I told Sean last night that visiting the orphanages in Bristol is now on my life's to-do list.

10. Mac users: Photoshop Elements or Lightroom? I'm comfortable with Elements, it's what I'm used to. But everything else is a little different on the Mac, so I'm willing to change to Lightroom if it's significantly more user friendly. Elements had a ton of hang-ups/glitches/freeze-up-and-shut-down-triggers and snags on my PC, but I can't say if it was PSE or the PC. Any advice is appreciated. 


rhonda: alpha dog said...

I think Elements may be going away. I'm tellng you... make the leap into Lightroom!

Corey said...

the hand-me-downs kill me too. years ago i gave my now neighbor jake's hand-me-downs for her son that is 2 yrs younger. now she has another little boy just a bit younger than T, and every now and then he's wearing something of Jake's. I can that be?! LOL!
So you know I got PSE11 for my mac. It took me a few times to get used to the new interface and the mac key strokes but other than that it's just about the same as it ever was. Actions are WAY easier to load, that's one good change they've made.
BUT I still want to get lightroom too. PSE still doesn't handle batch processing, and I think (at least for me) that is why I want to try Lightroom. For things like a big photo shoot, i think it would be advantageous to be able to make the same corrections on multiple pix (color, WB, levels etc..) and then go into PSE to do any final edits. But see, I don't know enough about Lightroom to know if I'm wasting time going into PSE too. All that to say...I think Lightroom is a good idea. Am I making any sense at all? NO. But I'm going to buy lightroom soon and I'll let you know what I think.

Jude said...

oh its not the hand me downs that are killing me... its the "no one in this house can wear this anymore" ones. SO sad :(
I know the PERFECT long middle name... J U D E see? See how long that is? and need I remind you, BIBLICAL? I mean, you can pick another name and sin if you want, but... bwahahahaha.

kimrairdon said...

I'd have to say Lightroom as well. I love that not only do you remember taking pictures of each boy in those awesome pants but you could actually find them! I am seriously in complete amazement. My problem with hand me downs is none of my boys are build the same nor do they have the same taste. Going through our hand me downs with Jack today and we came out with only two shirts and no pants that he would wear.... that boy better get used to running around naked....