Tuesday, October 16, 2012


1)Last week was huge and life changing and awesome in so very many ways.

2)The other night I was hobbling, asking Sean to pleeeease give me a massage because my poor, impregnated hips kept popping. He commented with a laugh, "You're old." I raised my eyebrows, did some rapid blinks and shot back, "SAYS THE MAN IN GOVERNMENT ISSUED LONG JOHNS?" He ran up next to me in my leggings and asked while pulling his long johns up his calves, "What's the difference?!" That one made me stop a sec, but I was able to retort, "Mine are legal attire out in public; yours would get you arrested." And...another moment of disfunction has been documented. :) We laugh a lot.

3)Random things heard 'round about the household:

"Lighting matches is easy. All you have to do is slide it across the side of the box."-Felix
"Please don't pass up this opportunity to teach our children a lesson in fire safety!!!!"-me, to Sean, bellowed from down the hall.

"You're gettin' on my nerds!"-Titus
"It's NERBS-ugh!"-Felix

4)We found out yesterday that we are moving to Ohio in May. I'm excited, but had accidentally gotten my mind wrapped around not moving. I won't lie, the thought of not having to move with a one month old had a certain allure to it. It will be awesome to live in a normal sized town. It will be awesome to get back to a place with a somewhat normal cost of living. I'm excited that we get to experience the mid-west for a bit and that we don't have to do the Southwest. I am excited to invest in an actual pair of snow boots instead of a make-do pair of snow boots.

5)After the big ultrasound on Saturday morning, Sean and I got to go out on the town. My friend Rhonda offered to keep the kiddos for my birthday. She offers to watch them all the time, actually. She's a true, true pal. :) We went to Georgetown. A Saturday night, downtown, via automobile wasn't the most fantastic idea we've had. It was insanely crowded, but we were able to chow down on some pizza in a super crowded restaurant. It kinda felt like home with the not being able to hear one another speak and all. :) Afterwards, we window shopped as we made our way down to Sprinkles. Best cupcakes, ever.

6)Speaking of Rhonda...her husband and Sean worked together in San Antonio. I wish we'd been friends with them then, but for whatever reason, our friendship was postponed until now. She's the type of friend that makes it seem you've been friends forever. It usually takes me a while to truly warm up to people. It takes a few get togethers to be 100% me. Not with Rhonda. A friend babysits. A true friend babysits and empties your dishwasher. You should meet her, she's awesome. She's the reason I cried when Sean said, "We're moving to Ohio!" That's the awesome thing about the military, though; our paths are sure to cross again. :)

7)I've had John Lennon's, "Beautiful Boy" stuck in my head since Saturday night. Wish I'da thought to use it for the video instead of the circus music. Though, circus music is probably more appropriate for our lives during this season of trying to shape boys into men. I, for one, tend to hear circus music as I remind them thousands of times a day to WIPE THE SEAT!

8)Another great, great song that I can't find on youtube: Matt Papa, "Hymn in A." Makes me cry. Look it up & give a listen.

9)I'm loving my new piece of fruit. :) I thought switching from a PC to a Mac would be harder. I am having some issues with photo storage. Not really sure how to find a rhythm when I'm so used to the way I've been organizing snapshots for the last decade. And I'm stumbling over the fact that it's kinda hard to find the pictures once I've tweaked them(only via iPhoto thus far). I'm looking forward to getting Lightroom and figuring it all out then!

10)I haven't been able to stop staring at this picture for days. I didn't have a 3D ultrasound with any of the others and wasn't planning on it with this one. The lady just threw in a few freebies, I guess. His little elbows! It's just the sweetest thing I've ever seen. :)
I did have one dark thought cross my mind on our way home. The thought that people could actually consider this little person anything less than that. That women would murder a being so amazing. It's just heartbreaking and sad and I wish it wasn't so.

I am astounded that people could ever support such an organization as Planned Parenthood. And it's usually those screaming, "Equality!" How is Planned Parenthood's racist roots so easily overlooked?

I don't even want to taint my sweet baby's picture with such dialogue, so I'll end it here.
     Psalm 51:6-something that put a pause in me this morning. Lots to reflect on in this one little verse.


Corey said...

I have to say that I am slightly disappointed that you didn't get Las Vegas. LOL! only for selfish reasons. But I think it's so cool that you get to go experience someplace new.
Photo storage on the Mac----YES it is still totally weird to me. I feel like I'm saving and double and triple saving and wasting memory space?? I don't know it is just weird. I don't think I like iPhoto. It automatically imports to iPhoto when I put my memory card in. Then I usually end up coping and making a new folder in Finder, then importing THAT folder into the PSE organizer. Then when I edit I save that version in the folder I created in Finder AND the PSE organizer saves it there as well. It seems like too much work?? Like there has to be an easier way. Plus, I now have like 3 different copies of the original photo saved?? It can't be efficient, can it? And then am I going to have to do all this again if I get Lightroom?
Doesn't Beth use a Mac? Maybe we need to talk to her ;-)
My kids were both enamored by #4's photo :) neither of them knew what the heck it was at first, but once I showed them his face and arms, their faces just lit up! They think it's the neatest thing ever :D Me too, actually.

rhonda: alpha dog said...

Ah! You're making me cry! :-( I'm totally okay with Ohio since I know we'll be there once a year at least.

Jude said...

I am glad its Ohio! We can come on our way to NY!! But we need a crazy weekend away with our boys before then. And a scrap time for us! and, and, and,... a nanny and unlimited funds to make it all happen ;)