Friday, October 05, 2012

up early...again

Ah. Insomnia. My favorite perk to pregnancy.

I saw a yard sale sign on the way home last night advertising a sale 9/29-9/30. "Why would the put a sign up so early? That's not til the end of the month." Time seems to be stuck in August for me. Maybe it's a Freudian thing. Maybe I really am freaked out about turning 30 and it hasn't hit me yet? I think it's just time moving too quickly. I have a ton to look forward to this year.


Finding out what this baby is! One week from tomorrow. Despite my saying, "If it's another boy, we're going one more time," Sean eggs me on. Last night, it was, "You know you'd be happy with another boy. It would be an honor to tell people you have four sons." He's right. I would be happy with four boys. We'll just see if that feeling is mutual when I suggest trying just ooooooooone more time for a girl. :)

In for a penny, in for a pound, right? I'm somewhat committed to the idea of motherhood and family at this point anyways. :D

We've been informed we will know our next assignment by next week! Ohio or Nevada come May. We both really want Ohio, but if it's Nevada, we'll warm to the idea. I'm sure Las Vegas will be a splendid place to raise my children for a time. What with all the family friendly activities they boast...I have family in Ohio, Sean has family near Vegas. Either place, we're only there for 18 months.

Thinking beyond that, my thirties will bring a new career path for our family. Sean finishing school will be such a huge goal met. It still seems surreal most days. I ask him all the time, "Can you believe you're really here?" He always answers, not nearly so dreamily as asked, "Yes." He's fully immersed in books and studying.

Hopefully, this career path takes us to Germany for a time. It's something we both want and the reason I've started Rosetta Stone with the knuckleheads. Ja. I attempted to text Sean 'your wife wants a cupcake' in German yesterday. Aside from my complete and total lack of knowledge of the German language, auto correct makes it REALLY hard.

Thirty will bring in a new baby and my oldest turning ten. What the crap?

The thirties will bring in a complete freedom from debt. That will actually happen before school is over. All but Mack.

The thirties will bring in who knows how many more years of homeschooling.

I'm kind of at a loss. I thought I would have all these dreams and goals to write, but I'm coming up short. I can put down whatever I want, but if I've learned anything in the last decade, it's that life throws a ton of curve balls.

I never thought we'd be here, in this place, via the military of all things. I never knew I'd meet the amazing people I call my friends. I never pictured a fourth kid. Homeschooling? Nah. Life is funny that way. I suppose God sums it up best..."You do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away."-James 4:14

On that note, I have two hours before I expect to hear the pitter patter of lil feet. That time will definitely vanish quickly. I am off to do something productive like...Project Life! :)

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Jude said...

i'm just going to text you about this post. i have too much to say! ;)