Wednesday, October 17, 2012

West Virginia

One great thing about DC is that it's close to a lot of places! Having lived here for almost six months, it's become quite obvious Sean has no time for day trips. Luckily, I have an adventurous friend.**

Oddly enough, she still wanted to hang out with me just hours after having watched my children. :)

Upon meeting at her house, I was bombarded again with the fact that one day, I will have to get a dog for these boys of mine. Zack is just too much. He is so calm and gentle and wonderful. All the boys love him, but Simon especially. 
After the love fest, we loaded up in the car and hit the road. We stopped at an awesome antique store along the way where I was very tempted by a mid century modern footstool that would've made an awesome photo prop. I opted against it and kinda regret it now.

This sign just made me laugh. You know you're in West Virginia when...
Apparently, Grandma Crawford will just as soon make you a country breakfast as sell you weaponry. Jessica, aren't you a Crawford from West Virginia? Is this your kinfolk?

So beautiful. I was so thankful to be riding shotgun vs driving on this particular day. :)
We stopped for lunch at a Blue Moon Cafe. A little local restaurant in a tiny, little town with amazing food.
He was mad because my hair was blowing in his face. :)
I never get to be in pictures with the boys! Thanks, Rhonda!

**We finally made it to the lake Rhonda found online. There were very few signs for it and it was a maze of windy, mountain roads that got us there. When we hit "rustic" trailers and the paved road gave way to gravel, we probably should've turned around. The nagging inner voice of our husbands did appear, but we ignored it.

It was then that Rhonda mentioned it was a wildlife management area.

"Hm...bears. Does West Virginia have a lotta bears?"-I wondered aloud.
"Uh, didn't think about that."-Rhonda.
"The only thing we're missing at this point it high heels. Our husbands would kill us for not turning around."-me

In the end, having not seen another soul, we opted to back in to a spot, half way up the mountain. Compromise!

The boys were thrilled to climb. When Felix almost fell off the side of the cliff, I put the kibosh on that. The child wasn't content to slowly make his way up and down the jagged cliffs, he wanted to run up and down them.
The graffiti adds a nice touch, no? At least most of the words were misspelled to the point that nothing obscene or vulgar could be interpreted.

This one was more content to throw rocks than climb.

Having talked Rhonda into go the rest of the way to the lake, we finally saw humans. Somewhat scary humans, but humans nonetheless.
Sooooooooo pretty!
Throw, throw, throw.
I only think it's fair that the next one is a redhead. I mean, come on. Could he look any more like Sean?! Handsome boy.
One last shot as we pulled away. I wish I'd been brave enough to get out and push the plastic chair out of the shot. :)
Next adventure, Pennsylvania?


rhonda: alpha dog said...

It's not like you weren't given the opportunity to get out and move that plastic chair! LOL! :-D

Corey said...

looks absolutely gorgeous! love all your fall outfits! :)

Jude said...

love the restaurant! did you match the boys? tell me you did... i love feefs sweater. funny thing, em loves wearing sweaters too :) those middles...

Allison said...

Restaurant AND ammo... amazing. :)

stephanie said...

hey... if you do decide to venture up to PA let me know ~ maybe I can meet up with you & the gang... it would be great to see you again!

jessica said...

YES! Those are probably my relatives! Tread lightly, I am a good shot. ;)