Thursday, October 11, 2012

what 30 looks like

I assume one day, when I'm really old like...40(haha, that's a joke aimed at all of my 40 year old friends masquerading as 27 year olds), I'll want to remember what 30 looked like.

 Blurry as all get out, but I caught him and I planted one on him. :)

 The almost 16 week bulge.
 The Terrorist: Pushing Felix off the arm of the chair.
 Head butting Felix off the arm of the chair.
 Eyeballing Simon. Brainstorming how to get him off the other arm of the chair.
 Doesn't he look all snuggly? Don't be fooled.
 He's a terrorist, but he's a CUTE terrorist. :)

 Knuckleheaded boy.


Corey said...

Sooo cute!
30 looks good on you :)

kimrairdon said...

Yep 30 looks wonderful on you! You guys crack me up so much! I LOVE this post!

Jude said...

i bet those 40 year olds are real hags huh? ;)
i can't get over how long your hair is!
i hope your day was wonderful!
Love you!

Allison said...

Love! Lookin good!