Monday, November 12, 2012


When Sean is home, we have a very loose schedule. I'm not sure when he became the fun parent, but I lovelovelove that the time the boys get with him is quality time. 

We heard horror stories before school started about parents in the program who didn't even have time to help their kids with homework. It is insanely busy, but I think it all depends on the person and what they make time for. 

In reality, I think he spends more individual time with each of them now than he did as a floor nurse. 
 Felix likes to do civilized things with him like play games, perform science experiments and draw.
Simon likes to pick fights. :) 
He's got quite the mouth on him for such a skinny boy. He's getting big enough to pack some weight with his punches, though. After years of trying to figure out why boys are so barbaric, I figured it out...Wrestling is really just hugging. Once you get past the sweating, trash talk, throat punches and fear of injury, it's actually quite sweet. 
Sean has about another year or so of this before he actually starts getting hurt. The boys used to take it easy on him, but he eggs them on so much, they're really swinging now. :)
Sean teaches them all these moves to pull if they ever get in a real fight and then doesn't remember to tell them not to do it when fake fighting. An elbow to the trachea reminded him swiftly.

I love that smile. :)
 And what's a fight on the living room floor without getting a piece of hair in your mouth?
 I said, "Smile, Simon!"
 The patient onlooker amidst cartwheeling feet.
The next day, it was Mr. T's turn. He always gets a bit whiny about being left out and then whines when they let him in.
 The Burrito, always with the beet.

 Just hug.
 Or thumb wrestle(even though he cheats)...
I can hear his laughter in this one.

I hope my boys remember these days when they're older. I hope they continue being barbarians with their own kiddos. Mostly, though, I hope they remember to visit their wrestling partner and photographer on a regular basis.


rhonda: alpha dog said...

Ah! I can't wait to take one of these home with us. ;-) They are great photos, but where's the redhead? ;-)

kimrairdon said...

Awesome documentary of your life :) I too can hear T laughing in that last one :)

I miss you guys!